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6 Tips & Tricks for IELTS Aspirants to write an essay

Asking IELTS aspirants, “Which is the most difficult task out of the two writing sessions in IELTS general training writing tests?”

Now, how is your essay scored?

Well, here is the scoring criteria!

  1. Task Response
  2. Coherence & Cohesion
  3. Lexical Resource
  4. Grammatical Range & Accuracy

Where each criterion contributes 25% of the total writing score.

Now enough about the scores, let’s proceed to some tips and strategies to ace this task like a Pro.


Understand what the question specifies, it is the most essential to pay attention to all the issues that are mentioned in the question. Identify the main keywords and understand what the examiner is expecting from the essay.

Map out ideas

Before you start writing, take some time to brain storm ideas. Jot down as many as aspects and perspectives, related to the particular issue in the essay. It will save you more time as you have already pictured the essay in your mind and will help you pen your essay better and faster.

Ask yourself questions

Another way to prompt your ideas is to ask yourself questions while reading the essay topic like why/what/where/who/how to generate more ideas.

Use your personal opinions

The most effective method to write an essay is to include your personal opinion in the essay. Also, try to use relevant examples and instances from personal experiences in the essay to make it clear.

Manage your time

Lastly, since the test is time bound, it is important to complete the writing task on time. Start writing your essay with proper strategy. Take 5 minutes to plan your essay.  Take 36 minutes and the last 5 minutes to proof read. Proofreading will help you identify your spelling and grammar mistakes if any.

Practice is the key to crack any exam. Focus and take tests before hand to correct your mistakes.

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