7 Steps to Band 7 in Writing Task

It’s always a challenge for most people in achieving that magic number in the writing task and all that you need is a mentor who can help you walk through in achieving the goal. Below are the 7 important steps that can help you achieve your band 7 in the writing test.

Answer all the parts in the question

In writing task 2, you must write an essay in response to the statement given. Therefore, you must read the question carefully so all the parts are answered. The 3 things that you should address to achieve a higher band is by:

  • Presenting one view
  • Presenting another view that is contradictory to the first view
  • Presenting your opinion

Give a clear position

Though you present different ideas in your essay, you must make sure that to let your examiner know, what you think about the question. Your position must be clear in the entire essay and do not change your mind in the conclusion.

Structure your essay

The structure is very important while writing an essay so make sure it’s neat and not a mess. Show the examiner where to start with an introduction paragraph and then present the important ideas and then conclude your essay with your opinion on the question.

Use linking devices

Use transition words that can connect your words and phrases making your answer cohesive. Linking words can be considered as the glue that can stick your ideas and sentences together.

Use grammatical structures correctly

You need to master both simple and complex sentences if you’re aiming for a band 7. To master this, you need practice. Try practicing on sample test papers and analyze the mistakes you usually make.

Use a good range of vocabulary

Writing is a verbal form of expressing your thoughts, and ideas to the reader so use vocabulary that is not very complicated but easy to understand. Use words you can easily spell and check for spelling errors and typos after you finish your writing task.

Time to check your essay thoroughly

There are a lot of chances to make careless errors even if you think that you’ve produced a perfect essay. Therefore, take a complete look at your essay once you’ve completed it. Check for punctuations, linkers, vocabulary, and grammatical errors.


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