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A person you think has interesting ideas and opinions

-Who this person is
– How you know this person
– What kinds of ideas and opinions he has
– How do you think of this person

• I know many people who have a lot of interesting ideas and opinions, but here I would like to talk
about my paternal grandfather, who is the most knowledgeable person in my eyes.
• His name is Manmohan Singh.
• He is in his early seventies, and retired from Punjab education services.
• He is not very tall, but looks very handsome.
• He generally wears white kurta pajama, but on formal occasions he wears pant shirt.
• He has a great sense of humour and can turn any tense situation into a happy one.
• No one can ever get bored in his company.
• One can have a discussion with him for hours on any topic on Earth.
• He is an ardent reader and reads 4 newspapers daily.
• He reads the editorial section in depth.
• He says that reading the editorials makes him look at things from different perspectives and then he
can make opinions of his own.
• You can talk to him about politics, sports, business, Bollywood and many other things and you will
be surprised at his knowledge.
• Although he is retired, he leads a very disciplined life.
• He gets ready in the morning and goes to a nearby park where many senior citizens like him come
and chit chat with each other.
• I think very high of my grandfather.
• I am very proud of him.
• Many of my relatives and neighbours come to him for advice.
• He loves company and is very happy when he is surrounded with people.
• He loves meeting new people and making friends.
• So, my grandfather is the most knowledgeable person and has many interesting ideas and opinions.