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A subject you did not like when you were at school but now you find interesting

– What was the subject
– Why you did not like it then
– Why do you find it interesting now
– Why you became interested in it?

● I studied many subjects at school such as Punjabi, Hindi, English, physics, chemistry,
biology, maths, history, geography and environmental science.
● I was good at all of these, but I was not much fond of studying EVS, that is environmental
● I remember it was added in our school curriculum when I was in 5th.
● I always took it as an extra burden and never liked to study it
● Perhaps, I was not aware of the importance of environment at that time.
● Moreover, as it was a new subject, our teachers also didn’t take much interest in teaching
us in a way that ignited our interest.
● However, now I realise that the environment is deteriorating very fast and we all need to put
in our bit to prevent further damage as far as possible.
● Many programs on TV stress the importance of our environment.
● Once I was watching Ted Talks India – Nayi Soch, a show hosted by the king of Bollywood,
Shahrukh Khan, in which he calls different people to talk about various things. One such
person he called was Shubhendu Sharma, who talked about the method of growing a tiny
forest of 300 trees in a small area.
● Ever since that time I got interested in the environment.
● Governments around the world are taking steps to save the environment.
● But what most people fail to see is that their small steps at individual level can also
cumulatively lead to massive results.
● For example, if every person planted a tree and nurtured it for the first few months, in a few
years we would have more than a hundred crore fully grown trees.
● If each one of us started saying no to plastics, it would make a huge difference.
● So, EVS was the subject I didn’t like at school, but like now.