An intelligent person that you know - Kohli Star Image School

An intelligent person that you know

○ Who is the person?
○ What does he do?
○ Why do you think he is smart?
○ How do you feel about him?

● I know many intelligent people.
● I find some of my friends, teachers and neighbors very intelligent.
● Here I would like to talk about my friend Sonia, who is very brilliant.
● She is 18 years of age.
● She is not tall, but looks very beautiful.
● She has curly hair and has sparkling black eyes.
● We studied together from 1st to 10th.
● Then she chose the medical stream, whereas I opted for commerce.
● I remember vividly, that she always stood first in class.
● We used to study together at home also because we were neighbors.
● I was weak at math, but she guided me in such a way that I started getting good grades in
math also.
● She was in the good books of all teachers.

● She was not only good at studies, but also participated very actively in extra-curricular
● She participated in a state level quiz show organised by the Rotary Club and bagged the
trophy for our school.
● She has a great sense of humor and can turn any tense situation into a happy one by
cracking jokes.
● She has a lot of ready wit.
● I just love her company.
● She has recently taken the IELTS and has scored 7.5 band overall.
● She has motivated me also to take the IELTS so that we can study together in some good
college in Canada.
● So, Sonia is the person whom I find very intelligent.