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Soft Skill & English Role In Handling A Client Abroad

Expanding your business overseas can be very challenging. You have to put a lot of efforts into impressing foreign customers. There should be a strong reason why they must rely on your product. In such critical times, your soft skills will determine your progress. To enhance customer relations, communication will also play a major role. In this case, you have to be proficient in spoken English. Because you would express yourself better using English. English communication would help you to break the culture and language bars. You can also build a huge network in the foreign market.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about the importance of English in a global market. We would also know the soft skills necessary to deal with foreign customers.

Importance of English in global business-

Presently, 2 billion students of the world are learning English as their second language. By studying this universal language, they are preparing themselves for global job opportunities. And why not, many business giants have adopted English as their official language. English has facilitated the outsourcing of jobs to developing countries. As a result, these companies managed to gain a global taskforce. They also expanded their market and dominance in a widespread market. English is being widely used in the institutions of 75 countries. This universal language is helping international employees to collaborate with each other. The language is allowing the exchange of ideas and innovations from multinational creators. English is also a great medium for digital marketing over the internet. A diverse group of customers are getting introduced with the products through English ads.

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Can we bridge by using English?

In an international business set up, meeting with foreign clients would be a daily activity for you. These events are the perfect opportunity to consolidate your client relationships. Here, you also have the chance to promote your products face to face. Be it a meeting or an industrial tradeshow, you will be representing your company at a global level. And the audience will be expecting you to convey in English. Being a non- native, you will be highly appreciated for great English communication skills. Your clients will perceive you as a true professional. Your fluency and English accuracy will award you the image of a talented businessman.

So, here we present some tips to get the most out of the situation:-

  • Have a clear accent or communication style-

As we know, foreigners are familiar with their native English accent. Hailing from a non-English country, it might be difficult for you to master the exact style. But learning it a bit can be highly advantageous for you. Also, take care of your pronunciations. Select your English words and phrases intelligently. This would save you from getting misinterpreted by your foreign audience. Talk slowly to make every sentence clear. Keep calm and elaborate everything so that your client comprehends the accurate message.

  • Make a presentation-

It is a famous saying that pictures depict better than words. So, to assist your speech have a PowerPoint presentation at your side. Take the help of graphics to make things interesting and appealing. Remember your goal is to be understood. So, outline every point and describe them in simple terms. Refrain from using slangs. Speak politely and be humble. It is also necessary that you add humour to entertain the audience.

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  • Know about the local culture-

To gain the trust of a foreign customer, you should be respectful to the local customs and traditions. After stepping into a foreign land, communicate with the people there. Learn the typical differences in the work-life. Try to adapt to the new environment and co-workers. This way you will be able to bridge the cultural and language gap with the clients.

As of now, we have learnt the link between sharp verbal English and foreign client satisfaction. Let us quickly know about other essential skills required at this level.

  1. Interpersonal influence

This soft skill helps you in persuading the people you meet. If you are an influential business leader, you will succeed in convincing international investors to spend in your business. You will be able to collaborate with foreign stakeholders. Pitching a sale or holding a negotiation will become easier for you. This skill is a combined result of nice communication skills and confidence. It demands appropriate voice modulations, eye contact, hand movements and slow talk to impress the client. Here you display an assertive attitude rather than being an aggressive man.

  1. Emotional intelligence

Being emotionally intelligent means you have good control over your emotions. And you never lose your calm while dealing with customer problems.

If you are hoping to improve the consumer satisfaction service, you should foster empathy. This helps you to get into the shoes of your customer. Empathy enables you to connect with your clients at an emotional level. You should be supportive and make them comfortable during the meeting. If they have any issues, you should offer them solutions and assistance. This way your client gains trust upon you. Empathetic behaviour will definitely win their heart. Gradually, they will be interested to extend relations with you.

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  1. Resilience

International business is an exception to the conventional 9 to 5 job. Because you will be communicating with clients from a range of time zones. Piles of workload will be demanding focussed attention from you. In such tough hours, you will survive f you are resilient. The skill of resilience aims to face the work challenges boldly. The skill is very much necessary. Because you have to cut down frustration arising from long hours of client meetups.


Summarising the whole article, we will recommend the following points-

  • Be fluent in spoken and written English. It improves your relations with international clients.
  • Good English builds your image in conferences and convocations.
  • Along with communication skills, you have to inculcate empathy, resilience and interpersonal influence.

Delve deeper into the content to learn the techniques of satisfying your foreign clients. Make a habit of practising the above-mentioned skills to achieve excellence in global business.




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