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Common Mistakes to Avoid While Taking IELTS Test

It’s common that humans tend to make mistakes and we know that nobody is ever perfect. It’s all the more usual to make mistakes when we take tests even when we’re the most prepared. But, mistakes while talking IELTS can affect your scores and you might lose your chance of studying abroad. It’s always important to focus on what will fetch you good scores but it’s equally important to know what mistakes can be avoided. So below are a few common mistakes that one should avoid while taking the IELTS test that costs them valuable points.

Time Management

The most common mistakes done by IELTS test takers is time management because it can be difficult to complete a test within a certain time span, hence, time management can be quite critical while taking the test, so make sure you don’t waste a lot of time in one question.

Spelling errors and poor vocabulary

When we focus on completing the writing exam soon, there are chances we might overlook the spelling errors, so it’s very important to review spellings. If you’re doubtful about the correct spelling of a word that you want to use, then avoid using it. The other common mistake that comes along with spelling is poor vocabulary, so build your vocabulary by reading more and writing down the words that you read. Spelling and vocabulary go hand in hand so make sure you prepare for both well.

Blank answers

It’s incredibly important to not leave any questions blank, hence it’s better to write something rather than not writing anything at all. There are high chances of getting part marks even if you make a guess.


IELTS test markers are well informed that you’re an international student, so your accent will not make a difference, however, the wrong pronunciation of words might cause you to lose marks. So make sure you saying your word completely and clearly.

Lack of focus

When it comes to listening and speaking, the main key to get through this is the focus. Be attentive while taking the test, as it’s the common mistakes that are made by the test takers. Focus on giving the right response and make sure to understand everything that is being communicated to you.


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