Public Speaking

Public speaking skills enhance your personality and career prospects. Our public speaking training course can provide you the instructions and practice required to create and deliver compelling presentations. Based on proven knowledge and experience in communication, linguistics, argumentation, and rhetoric of our experts, our courses well-established concepts with tons of speech practice.

Our public speaking classes are designed for speakers with different levels of experience and proficiency. Even those who are nervous about public speaking can benefit from the courses and transform into confident communicators. The training focuses on gradually building up specific skills that can be practiced before creating and delivering longer speech.


Benefits of Public Speaking

In addition to giving a boost to your career, our public speaking training classes help develop your public speaking skills, providing you the following benefits:

  • Increased self confidence
  • Demonstrate your knowledge
  • More comfortable amongst people
  • Stand out in your peer group or workforce
  • Build a following of supporters

It enhances your personality like no other skill, adding new dimensions to it.


What Do the Classes Teach You?

  • Develop delivery techniques for gesture, movement, and voice to engage audiences.
  • Boost your confidence and build your presence as a dynamic speaker.
  • Learn speechwriting techniques focused on argument, storytelling, topic framing, style, and discussing evidence.
  • Learn how to prepare highly effective speeches for different purposes, audiences, and occasions.

Once you complete the course, you can prepare compelling speeches for informative, praise, and persuasive purposes for special events, workplace or any occasion. The skills you will gain include communication, speech, presentation, and public speaking.



There are two parts of our public speaking classes – the coursework and the hands-on project.



Our coursework includes a series of courses focused on helping you master the skill. You can review our courses and select the right one to start with. Joining any one of our course leads to getting subscribed to your complete program. You can complete a single course, take a break in learning, and determine to end your course at any time.


Hands-on Training

Hands-on training is an integral part of our public speaking classes. Instead of just going through all the educational classes, you will be getting practical exposure. It will be required to finish the projects to be able to complete the specialisation and get certified. Sometimes, achieving a public speaking specialisation in our program can require completing a specialised course for practical experience. It will then be required to complete each of the courses to achieve the certification.


Earning Your Certificate

Once your complete our public speaking training and the practical project, you can earn a certificate that helps you stand out from the crowd. The certificate can be presented to potential employers or your professional or academic network to further enhance your career. You will no longer have to suffer from fear of speaking in public or lack of confidence. You will become an accomplished public speaker, who has gained all the knowledge and exposure.