Spoken English

Spoken English Classes in Moga


People from all walks of life can learn spoken how to speak fluent English with our proven English speaking classes. Whether you are a beginner, student, professional or a housewife, you can find just the right course to address your requirements and fulfil your goals. Our goal is to develop fluent English speakers who have a neutral accent.


Importance of Learning Fluent English Speaking


The English language is simply the most effective form of global medium of communication. It is essential to speak your mind fluently, clearly, and confidently to excel in academic, professional, and personal pursuits. It helps you become an efficient and effective part of the increasingly competitive global environment.

We offer the best English speaking classes, creating the opportunities of interaction, indulging in informative discussions, and express yourselves without any inhibitions.


Our Spoken English Course Overview


The key components of our spoken English course are:

  • Effective English Speaking
  • Use of Simple Effective English Words
  • Understanding of Verbs and Tenses
  • Practicing Tongue Twisters
  • Transformation to Thinking in English (Not Your Native Language)
  • Written Vs Spoken English
  • Becoming an Effective Communicator


Our spoken English programmes are also broken up into different courses for different levels of learners: Basic, Advanced, Fast Track and Travellers Crash Course (for professionals).


Basic Spoken English Course


Our basic spoken English course is focused on simplifying everyday communication in the language. The focus is on learning how to communicate in different everyday scenarios including:

  • Self introduction
  • Telephonic communication
  • Speaking with friends and relatives
  • Speaking with colleagues
  • Negotiating


The lesson plan includes audio-video material that covers topics from real-life scenarios.


Advanced Spoken English Course


If you already understand and read/speak English, this spoken english course is for you. The aim of this course is to develop your command over different aspects of spoken English to make you a fluent English speaker. These different aspects include:

  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Diction
  • Fluency
  • Sentence framing
  • Group discussion
  • Public speaking
  • Email drafting
  • Presentations


Over 22% of the world’s population speaks English, making it the third most widely spoken language on the planet. What makes it more important than the number one and number two languages in the list is that it is a universal language and can be used almost anywhere on the planet. Most organisations encourage their employees to enhance their English language skills. In this era of globalisation, completing spoken English classes certification can help you communicate and work with multicultural workforce and clientele and enhance your employability value.


Why Choose Our Spoken English Course?


Our course is amongst the best spoken english course you can find for so many reasons. It has been developed by experienced English educators who have been in the industry for decades.


Some of the main benefits of completing our spoken english classes are as follows:

  • Speak fluent English in any situation
  • Frame grammatically accurate sentences
  • Present your thoughts and ideas effectively
  • Appear in interviews with confidence
  • Learn to speak in neutral accent
  • Choose between US and UK accent


We at Kohli provide one of the best spoken English classes that cover the topics from an all-around perspective. Our focus is not just on helping you become a better speaker, but a knowledgeable speaker who has a long list of vocabulary to come to your aid.