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cue card new

  1. Describe a line from your favorite poem or song
  2. Narrate the most interesting tradition of your country
  3. Describe an open minded person whom you know
  4. Describe the reunion of your long lost friend
  5. Describe a happy family
  6. Describe an enthusiastic person you know
  7. Narrate a scenario you encountered while children behaved badly in public
  8. Narrate a conversation topic you were least interested in
  9. Describe a luxurious activity that you do occasionally
  10. Describe an area of science you’re interested in
  11. Narrate the most valuable award you received
  12. Describe the first instance you were bound to talk in a foreign language
  13. Describe a recent decision you made that turned out to be positive
  14. Describe an event you attended that had an awful background music
  15. Describe your long term ambition
  16. Describe a situation when you had second thoughts about your own option
  17. Narrate about an intellect you have met
  18. Express your thoughts about a self-portrait or a photo that you’ve clicked
  19. Narrate about a person who helps people in his/her free time
  20. Express about an award you’ve always dreamt of winning
  21. Narrate about a useful book that you read recently
  22. Express the way you felt when you received a good news
  23. Describe about a funny movie
  24. Narrate a situation you thought was a complete waste of your time being there
  25. Describe a situation when you encountered a noisiest person or a thing
  26. Describe an adventurous water sport you would like to try
  27. Narrate the situation when you couldn’t wait any longer to meet your best friend
  28. Describe a elder person whom you have always shown reverence to
  29. Narrate the risk you’ve taken which
  30. Describe a situation when you learnt from your mistake
  31. Narrate your personal experience on volunteering
  32. Describe an interesting application in your mobile or computer
  33. Narrate your experience on a long drive you’ve been
  34. Express your thoughts about the most polluted places among the places you’ve visited
  35. Describe a person in your close circle whom you think could be a good leader
  36. Describe a dinner time which had varieties of food
  37. Describe a large company that you want to get hired
  38. Describe the most admirable person in your family
  39. Describe when your relative seeked your help
  40. Describe your experience about a place you got lost in
  41. Describe the culture of a foreign country you want to learn more about
  42. Narrate the best relaxing place that you’ve been to
  43. Describe about an exciting activity you did in a group
  44. Talk about a movie that made you feel like it was worth the watch
  45. Narrate about a new building or a public place you want to visit
  46. Talk about your favorite cloths and what you like about them
  47. Talk about one of your family members you spend more time with and why?
  48. Describe the most important journey that got delayed
  49. Talk about your experience being a member of any team
  50. Describe about the milestone that you achieved yourself
  51. Describe a scenario when a person has apologized to you
  52. Talk about the most interesting animal you’ve encountered
  53. Narrate about a most useful article that had lots about health and wellbeing
  54. Describe a media person you’ve yearned to meet
  55. Talk about a situation when rain spoilt your complete plan
  56. Narrate a scenario where you were prohibited from using your mobile
  57. Describe a crucial piece of news you received through a text message
  58. Describe a workable small scale industry you know
  59. Talk about situations that you had to face knowing that it’s going to be difficult for you
  60. Narrate about a person who thought you the best life lesson
  61. Talk about a challenge that you ended up doing successfully
  62. Describe the most congested place you’ve visited
  63. A job you will never want to do in future and why
  64. About your favorite uniform at school or at office
  65. Talk about a situation who helped a person in need and felt good about it
  66. Describe your childhood indoor game you always loved to play
  67. A live performance that you watched and felt it was the best you’ve watched so far
  68. Talk about a change that you can bring about which would change your local area for the better
  69. Narrate a situation when you were overwhelmed
  70. Talk about your first experience travelling in an overcrowded public transportation
  71. Talk about the importance of a practical skill you learnt
  72. A skill that you want to learn to help you grow better
  73. Talk about your ideas and thoughts about a dream home