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Describe a change that can improve your local area

  1. Describe a change that can improve your local area

–              What it is?

–              How it can be done?

–              What problem it will solve?

–              How you feel about it

  • There are many changes that I would like to take place in my community.
  • But there is one thing that I feel would make a big difference.
  • It would be the construction of park in my society.
  • At present, there is no garden or park in our society.
  • There are many negative consequences of this.
  • Firstly, the children in the society have no place to play outdoors in the evenings and as a result they spend most of their time indoors.
  • This I feel has a negative effect on their health.
  • Sometimes they play on the street, but I feel that is very risky.
  • The parents are always worried.
  • Moreover, many of us in the society like to go for morning walk.
  • Currently we walk on the street but again we have to very careful because of traffic.
  • A new park would give us a place to go for morning walk.
  • I think the park would also be a good place to socialize.
  • We can all spend some quality time at the park specially during evenings after school and work.
  • There is a vacant government land in the society.
  • It was not very large, but I think it would be ideal place for a park.
  • We have already proposed the idea to the local Member of Parliament, and he promised to support and work for our cause.
  • I am really hopeful that the local administration will soon pick up the project and start working on it.

 Follow ups

  1. Why are people living in community friendly with others?
  2. What are popular activities in community?
  3. Do people like living in community?
  4. Where do people in community usually have social gatherings?