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Describe a good law in your country

○ What is the law
○ How you came to know about this law
○ Whom does it affect
○ Why is it good 

● Laws are made by the government for the smooth running of the society .
● Without these laws we would be living in utter chaos and anarchy.
● There are many laws worth mentioning, such as – ban on smoking in public places, wearing
helmet while riding a two wheeler, law against female foeticide and against cutting trees
● But here I am going to talk about a law on banning the use of plastic carry bags
● I came to know about this law from TV news.
● This law affects each and every person on Earth.
● In 2016, India banned the use of carry bags below 50 microns thickness, but it was could not
enforced well, because of lack of alternatives.
● However, in June 2018, on World Environment Day, the theme was “Beat Plastic Pollution”,
and so the government has planned to be strict in the implementation of this law.
● Actually, this year, India was the global host of the World Environment Day.
● So, our PM Mr Narendra Modi asked every state and Union Territory to launch a massive
campaign against the use of plastics.
● Plastic in all forms, such as carry bags, drinking straws and plastic bottles have been banned
and strict fines are imposed on the violators of this law.
● Plastic is non-biodegradable and fills up our landfill sites.
● If burnt, it emits harmful fumes in the air.
● So, I think this is a good law and we all need to cooperate with the government by abiding by
this law.
● We should make it a habit to carry our tote bags with us when we go shopping and refuse to
accept plastic bags.