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Describe a healthy lifestyle you now. You should say:

● What it is?
● How you know it?
● What one would do living in this lifestyle
● Explain why it is healthy

● Health is one of the most important things in our life today, so it is very important to
live a healthy lifestyle.
● In order to stay healthy people do a lot of things.
● Some people join a gym, play a sport or even consult a dietician.
● Today, I would like to talk about a lifestyle which is a mix of the above as it involves
regular exercise and good eating habits.
● I have also implemented it in my routine.
● I have joined a gymnasium near my home.
● I go there everyday in the mornings at 6 and exercise for approximately 1 hour.
● At first, I do stretching exercises in order to warm up my body.
● Then I do running on the treadmill for 10 mins.
● After that I do weight training according to my weekly schedule.
● People who go to gym mostly work on muscle training thus making them more healthy
and stronger.
● I work on one muscle everyday like biceps, chest etc.
● I also take protein shakes after returning from the gym and keep a check on what I
● I try to measure my calorie intake and do not eat items that contain too much fat or
● I also eat lot of fruits, green vegetables and eggs.
● This lifestyle is healthy because exercising regularly makes you a stronger person.,
both physically and mentally.
● I have reduced a lot of weight after joining the gym and now my body is in good shape.