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Describe a kind of food that people eat during special events

○ What it is?
○ How is it cooked?
○ Why do people eat it?
○ Why you like it?
■ What event people usually it?
■ Why is it for the special event?

● India is a diverse country.
● There are many types of food that people eat on special events.
● These food vary from the north to the south and from the east to the west.
● For example, in North India, people eat jalebi as a dessert on dussehra, they eat rice
pudding on Lohri, fritters on Diwali and makki ki roti and Sarson ka saag on family functions
in winters. Makki ki roti is a chapati made of maize flour, and sarson ka saag is a dish made
of mustard leaves.
● The reasons why people like to eat is kind of food are varied and many.
● First, it is a custom to cook and eat these dishes on these occasions. Second, these foods
are tasty and loved by all. Finally, all the ingredients are easily available everywhere.
● Here, I would like to talk about Jalebi, which is a hot favourite of the people of Punjab.
● It is customary to eat jalebi on dussehra, but it is also eaten on other festivals and
occasions like birthdays and weddings
● It is made by deep frying maida batter in intricate circular shapes and finally these are
soaked in sugar syrup.
● Jalebi can be served warm or cold, but I like it more when it is warm.
● It is orange in colour
● It can be made in various thicknesses, but I personally like the thin and crisp jalebis.
● Undoubtedly Jalebis are loaded with calories still it is a food that people eat and relish on
special occasions.