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Describe a person who speaks foreign language well

  • Who this person is?
  • What language this person can speak
  • How often this person uses this language

Well, I know many people who are bilingual, or even multilingual.
• In India many people know three languages. One is Hindi, the second is the language of their state.
For example Punjabi is the language spoken by Punjabis.
• And of course, English, which is taught in our schools right from class 1.
• However, here I would like to talk about my uncle Rambeer, who can speak Flemish very fluently.
• English is the second language in our country and many of us can speak it quite fluently but Flemish
is rarely spoken and understood here.
• Flemish is a Dutch language as it is spoken in Belgium.
• However, my uncle Ram had graduated from the Leuven university in Belgium and stayed in Brussels
for roughly 7 years .
• I guess this is the time when he learned the language.
• My uncle must have learned the language as part of his academic study or to converse with the locals.
• Having said that, his study in a university and his 7 years of staying in the country must have improved
his knowledge and language fluency to a great extent.
• This is the time he got friendly with a local girl and later they got married. Now he can speak the
Flemish language like a native speaker.
• He has an outstanding and natural accent and a pleasant speaking style that can impress anyone.
• Once he came with his wife To attend a family function.
• I heard him speak Flemish with her, and he seemed to speak like a pro.
• Now he is a senior citizen and he teaches in a college as a visiting faculty.
• He is a devoted teacher who is loved by his students.
• All in all, I would say because of his skill in speaking a foreign language, he is sought after as a
translator by various professionals.