Describe a person you wanted to be similar to when you were growing up - Kohli Star Image School

Describe a person you wanted to be similar to when you were growing up

● Who is this person?
● Where and under what circumstances did you meet him/her?
● What were the physical attributes – eg. height / hair / eye colour / scent?
● What quality about him / her inspired you?
● How was the attitude of this person towards you and towards others

● I have wanted to be similar to many people when I was growing up.
● Here, I would like to talk about my aunt, Jyoti, whom I really wanted to be like.
● She is my father’s cousin and is a doctor.
● She is in her early forties and is tall and beautiful.
● She has a wheatish complexion and has short curly black hair.
● When she smiles, she has a deep dimple on her right cheek, which makes her look
very beautiful.
● I vividly remember, the first time I met her in a family function when I was in 8th.
● She had come from Canada and seemed to be the hot favorite of all family
● I was impressed by her way of talking.
● I could see the look of admiration everyone had for her.
● When my father introduced us, she gave me a warm smile and hugged me tight.
● I immediately developed a liking for her.
● The whole day I remained with her like her shadow.
● I really wanted to be like her.
● My father invited her to spend a day or two with us at our home.
● She spent the weekend with us.
● I can never forget those two days.
● Now I am planning to go to Canada for my higher education.
● My favorite aunt is there, so even the thought of being with her makes me happy.