Describe a practical skill you learned - Kohli Star Image School

Describe a practical skill you learned

• What this skill was?
• When you learned it?
• How you learned it ?
• And explain why you think it was important?


• I have learnt many practical skills in my childhood from people around me in my life.
• Here I would like to talk about a very useful practical skill of cooking, which I learnt from my mother.
• I have been slowly learning it from my mother since my childhood.
• My mother is in her forties and she is very tall and beautiful.
• She has a gifted hand in cooking.
• She has her unique way of teaching us, I mean me and my sister, how to cook.
• She never made us feel as if she was teaching us.
• She just kept us involved in the kitchen while she cooked.
• We learnt a lot just by observing her.
• I learnt cooking because I too want to be able to cook like her.
• I also learnt cooking because it is a very useful skill in today’s time.
• Moreover, as I plan to go abroad for my higher education, this skill will be very useful.
• I will not face any food problems.
• I am a vegetarian and I have heard that veg. food outlets are very few in foreign countries.
• This skill has proved very useful because many times I have been able to attend to guests when my
mother was not at home.
• My mother not only taught me simple routine cooking but also some Chinese dishes.
• She also taught me how to make pizzas in the electric tan-door.
• She also bakes excellent cakes.
• Whenever anybody in our neighborhood celebrates a birthday, the cake is always baked by my
• She loves experimenting in the kitchen and she has many of her own recipes which are quick and easy
and at the same time very delicious.
• She also presents her dishes very well.
• She says that the look of the dish is as important as its taste.
• I am fortunate, I have a talented mother who has taught me this useful skill.