Describe a time that children made you laugh - Kohli Star Image School

Describe a time that children made you laugh

  • Who the child was?
  • When this happened?
  • What the child did?

• I know many children, and I have spent time with many of them, but here I would like to talk about
my nephew and nieces, who are 7 years old.
• Their names are Abhi, Suhavi and Nimrat and they are triplets.
• They are my cousin Jagdeep’s children, who lives in Gujarat.
• Last year my cousin spent a week with us, when he came to Punjab in December.
• All the kids are very cute and I just adore them.
• They also look chubby.
• When they smile, they have dimples on both cheeks, which look very beautiful.
• I always feel like picking at their cheeks but they scream when anybody does so.
• They have curly hair and do not like getting their hair combed.
• I shared my room with the kids and they love to play with me
• I am a very organised person and keep my room spic and span, but the kids loved to mess everything
• Normally I don’t like if anyone messes up my things but with the kids I didn’t mind at all.
• I would make sad faces, when the kids fiddled with my things, but they would look at me with their
cute smile and dimples and then I would forget everything and start laughing with them.
• They are only 7 years old but they really know how to twist everyone around their little finger.
• It is sometimes very amusing to watch their small pranks.
• Once they were not eating their dinner, so their mom locked them in a separate room and told them
they will be allowed outside if they finish their meal.
• After 10 minutes they knocked and said that they had finished their food and their plates were empty.
• But in reality, they had hidden the bread inside their pockets, which we realized the next morning
when we found pieces of flat bread on my bed.
• This situation made everyone laugh a lot, as all of us were outsmarted by the young kids.
• They are also very curious and ask a lot of innocent questions which make everyone laugh.
• I love them a lot and when they grow up I will tell them all these stories about their childhood.