Describe a time when you enjoyed free time. You should say: - Kohli Star Image School

Describe a time when you enjoyed free time. You should say:

● When it was
● Where you were
● What you did
● How you felt about it?

● There have been many situations in my life when I have got a chance to enjoy free time.
● Today I would like to talk about the time when I had just completed my secondary education
and I was free for couple of months.
● It was during the spring of 2016 and my exams had just got over.
● I had four months with me before I started college.
● Since I was waiting for my results so I had nothing else to do.
● Also I worked really hard for my examinations, so I wanted to take a break.
● For the first month, I did nothing at all.
● I just sat at home all day long and watched my favorite shows on TV.
● After that it started to feel boring so I decided to visit my cousins in the village.
● There I did a lot of fun.
● I used to go to the fields with my uncle everyday and played a lot of games with my cousins
at home.
● I really cherish those days as I had a very good time with my relatives.
● I came back home in the month of June and it was very hot during this time of the year.
● My results had also come and I passed with great marks and was looking forward to join
● I still had two months before my college started so I decided to join some activity.
● I signed up for guitar classes in the evening and joined a gym nearby my home.
● During the daytime I went to a NGO near my home where I taught maths to children of 5th
● I believe all these activities brought a positive outlook in my personality and I felt really good
at that time.
● I became more healthy and mentally strong.
● I also learnt the importance of the time and I think one should utilise the free time in a
constructive manner instead of sitting idle.