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Describe a time when you found something that someone lost

○ What did you find
○ When did you find
○ Where you found it
○ How you returned it back to its owner
○ How you felt?

★ There have not been many times when I found something important that someone lost.
★ But, I remember that once I was walking from the bus stop to my home, that I saw a small
string like thing popping out of a heap of dust
★ It was golden in color, and out of curiosity I pulled it up.
★ I was surprised to see that it was the string of a small pouch.
★ It must have fallen off and got buried in the dust.
★ I opened it and there were about Rs500/- in it and an EasyDay membership card.
★ There was no other thing in it.
★ There is an EasyDay store in Phagwara, and I thought that I would go there the next day
and try to know the owner.
★ I told my mother about the pouch, and she was happy that I had thought of trying to know
the owner.
★ The next day, I went to the Easy Day store and showed them the card.
★ They told me that the card belonged to Harpreet Kaur and gave me her number.
★ I called her and told her about the pouch.
★ She told me that she had lost it only a day before and had searched for it everywhere she
thought it could be.
★ She told me that it had Rs. 500/-
★ She told me to leave the pouch at the store and that she would pick it up from there later.
★ She asked my name and address.
★ Two days later, someone knocked at our door in the afternoon.
★ My mother and I had just taken lunch, and were sitting in the lobby.
★ We opened the door and saw a good looking lady standing there.
★ She said that she was Harpreet and that she had come to thank me.
★ She said that although the amount was not much, she appreciated my effort of going out of
the way to return it.
★ She had brought a Cadbury’s Chocolate for me as a token of thanks.
★ Believe me it was the sweetest chocolate I had ever eaten.
★ We asked her to have tea with us, and now she is a good friend of my mother and they both
are in touch through Whatsapp.