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Describe a time when you had to change your plan / you changed your mind

○ When was it
○ What was the plan
○ Why you had to change it
○ How you felt

● Normally, I plan my activities very meticulously.
● But, sometimes things do not go as planned and one has to change one’s plans.
● Here I am going to talk about a time when the weather forced me and my friends to change
our plan
● I vividly remember a time when my friends and I had planned to go to a museum, Pushpa
Gujral Science City, near my hometown, where we could not go because of heavy rainfall.
● Last year, in our summer vacation, we planned to visit this museum.
● This museum is at a distance of one hour from my hometown.
● As I live near the bus stand, my friends had to assemble at my house and then we had to go
to the bus stand and catch a bus for the museum.
● It was cloudy, and we could anticipate that it would rain, but we never thought it could be that
● Just has we were about to leave it started raining heavily.
● We thought we would wait for sometime for the rain to slow down and then we would go
● But it started raining cats and dogs, and the rain went on for five hours at a stretch.
● We could not go anywhere
● My friends were also stuck at my house
● But we made it a day to remember
● My mother made a nice lunch and many snacks for us and we played carom board
● Although we could not go to the museum, we had a fun time together
● Even after the rain stopped, there was a lot of water logging on the roads and my friends
could not go home till late evening.
● So that was a day when the weather changed our plans.