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Describe a time when you showed or taught a young person how to do a thing

– Who was the young person
– When it happened
– What did you teach him/her
– How did you feel after teaching
– Do you think the young person was benefited


● Learning and teaching is a part of life that we sometimes don’t even realise we are doing.
● We observe others and learn things, and similarly others may be observing us and learning
● Here i would like to talk about a time when i taught my 8 year old niece Gia how to make a
3d origami swan.
● Gia is very fond of arts and crafts
● I had made a 3d origami swan, which she liked a lot.
● I liked her enthusiasm to learn and so taught her very patiently.
● I took 16 sheets of A4 paper and folded it twice lengthwise and then cut the strips.
● Then I cut each long strip into 8 equal parts.
● From one A4 sheet I had 32 pieces.
● Then I taught her to fold each small piece into triangles.
● Basically, we have to make triangles and then fit them into each other to form different
● I had learnt that from a you tube video on the net.
● I took a long time to learn as there was no one to guide me.
● But Gia picked up very fast.
● One month later, I went to her house and I saw that Gia had made a vase and an owl using
the same 3D origami technique.
● My cousin told me that Gia had become obsessed with 3D origami.
● I felt very happy that I had taught my little niece something so artistic.
● Gia participated in a contest – Best out of waste
● She made 3D origami from old magazine paper.
● She won the first prize.
● We are all so proud of her.
● My cousin tells me that Gia has taught this technique to many children of the
neighborhood and all mothers are very happy that their children have become so creative.