Describe a time when you were cheated/ when someone lied to you / someone did not tell you the complete truth

● What was the occasion/ What the situation was?
● When this happened?
● Who was the person?
● What did he hide about?
● Why do you think the person did not tell the whole truth?


● There have been many times in my life when I felt cheated.
● Sometimes the person lied to me and sometimes some truth was hidden, which is also as
bad as being lied to.
● Here, I would like to talk about an occasion when my mother lied to me.
● Actually, it was my 16th birthday, and my mother had planned a surprise party for me.
● When I got up in the morning, I observed that everybody was behaving strangely and
nobody in the home wished me properly.
● When I asked them what the matter was, they just shrugged their shoulders and said that it
was a routine day and they refused to admit that their behavior was any different.
● I was very upset, but I got ready and went to to school.
● My friends were also behaving very strangely on that day and were discussing things with
each other, but when I went near them, they would stop talking or change the topic.
● Actually, my mother had invited all of them and were making plans to come to my home
that evening.
● My mother had obviously told them to keep it a secret from me.
● I could smell something fishy in their behavior, but could not make out what it was.
● I felt very low and sad.
● After school when I reached home, I found that my mother had decorated the drawing room
with balloons and buntings and had baked a special chocolate cake for me.
● All my sadness disappeared and I hugged my mother tight.
● She had hidden the whole plan from me because she wanted to surprise me.
● She just wanted to see my happy face.Her joy is in making me happy
● When my friends arrived, we all had a hearty laugh and then we enjoyed the snacks
prepared by my mother. We also danced a lot late into the evening.
● It was a day to remember.