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Describe a time you received horrible (bad) service. You should say:

● When it happened
● Where did it happen
● Who you were with
● What happened
● Why the service was horrible

● There are many occasions when I have received extremely good service at places
like hotels, restaurants, government offices etc
● But sometimes things went wrong and the experience was not good.
● Today I would like to talk about one such incident when I received horrible service at
a restaurant
● It happened during the last summer.
● I had just finished my college and all my friends decided to go for a party.
● One of my cousins from Canada, who is also my best friend was also visiting us
during that time.
● So we decided to go to a newly opened restaurant in our city.
● We had heard a lot of good reviews about this restaurant from everyone.
● It was a Chinese restaurant located in the centre of our town.
● When we reached the restaurant we were told to wait for 1 hour as the restaurant
was completely full and there was a waiting period to get inside.
● So we had to stand in a queue for more than 1 hour to gain entry inside the
● The moment we entered the restaurant we noticed the tables were dirty, so we
asked the waiter to clean them.
● It took them 15 minutes to do the cleaning and then ask us for ordering.
● We ordered quickly as we were very hungry.
● But despite our repeated requests to hurry up, they took 1 hour to prepare our food.
● We also complained to the manager but his response was also not good.
● He said we will have to wait as there is huge rush.
● Finally, our food came and it did not taste good as it was not cooked properly.
● We again complained to the manager but he was not ready to listen to us.
● So we paid the bill and left to eat at another restaurant.
● This was the bad service that we received at a restaurant and we will not
recommend this restaurant to anyone.