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Describe an occasion when the vehicle you were traveling in broke down

  1. When was it
  2.  Where did it happen
  3.  Who was with you

• It hasn’t happened very often with me that the car, bus or other conveyance I use for travel, broke
down and I had to halt in between a journey.
• But, here I would like to talk about an incident that I still vividly remember like it was yesterday.
• It was about 2 months back when I was travelling alone on my two-wheeler, from my house to my
• It was the weekend just after our exams, and we were free after having studied hard for the exams.
• My friend lives in the neighboring village and her house is about 7 km from my place.
• I left my place at 2 in the afternoon.
• Just after about 3 Km, my bike started making odd sounds out of the engine.
• I was not able to figure out the problem as I had never faced such an issue with my bike earlier.
• All of a sudden the bike stopped and wouldn’t start.
• I pulled off the bike to the side and tried to see what was wrong.
• However, I didn’t understand the issue.
• I called my friend, as I was midway between her/his house and mine.
• She requested a mechanic in her village to sit behind her on her scooty and they reached me soon.
• Fortunately, the mechanic was intelligent enough to diagnose the problem and he was able to start
the vehicle.
• He, however told me that what he had done was only a temporary fix and that I should get the service
of my bike done as soon as possible.
• It took about 1 hour to fix the problem but I felt relaxed after getting the issue resolved.
• As it was already late, I told my friend that I would visit her some other time and returned home.
• From this experience, I learnt that a machine could not be relied 100% always and it may break down
at any time.
• Now, I always keep my two-wheeler serviced regularly, so that such a problem doesn’t happen again.