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Describe an occasion when you lost something and then got it back

  1. Describe an occasion when you lost something and then got it back

–              What you lost?

–              How you lost it?

–              Where you found it?

–              How you felt about it?

  • During the beginning days of my eleventh grade, I used to get pocket money for things like lunch and purchasing stationery. It was exciting to manage your own expenditure.
  • I used to treat this pocket money like a treasure.
  • So I purchased a shiny new wallet only to lose it a day later.
  • I don’t quite remember how I lost it because if I did, I would remember where it was, right?
  • The only thing I remember was, that it was a Monday morning and I had it with me when I boarded the school bus.
  • The small amount of money and the price of the new wallet put together seemed like a lot to me at that time, because my parents never topped up my pocket money, in case I finished it.
  • I searched for it the entire day in classes, washrooms and wherever I had been all day long.
  • I even retraced my steps back home thinking that I light have mistakenly thrown it out of my bus window, it was a long shot but at that time no effort seemed futile.
  • The next morning, sitting on the aisle seat of my bus, I had completely accepted the fact that I had lost it forever.
  • I bent down and looked for the last time under the seat and just at that moment I spotted my wallet under the same seat that I had occupied the previous day.
  • So, when I alighted from the bus I felt like a rich person again.
  • I felt very relieved to have finally found it, I don’t think I’ll ever keep a wallet in shallow pockets.

 Follow ups

  1. Why do people lose their things?

These days whenever we move out of the house we have so many belongings to carry like the mobile phone, the sunglasses or spectacles, a wallet , car keys and more .I carry an organiser with me otherwise every day I may lose something. I have observed that some of my friends always waste precious time searching for misplaced or lost belongings. I think people who lose their things very often are not well organised.

  1. What kind of things people usually lose?

We lose many things every day at home or outside. Sometimes we lose keys and on many occasions we misplace a comb, clips, a pair of socks rather one out of a pair. I have a few dozen of single socks at home . What you lose mostly depends on the circumstances and the place where you go. Sometimes people get pickpocketed and lose precious things like mobile phones. Recently one of my friend’s pocket was picked and he lost his mobile phone on the new year’s eve.

  1. What can people do to find things they have lost?

In my opinion the first step is to try and remember about the places one has visited when you try to search for something that has been lost. It is better to take somebody in confidence and make a collective search as two minds are always better than one. if something is of Great Value and precious, is it best to report to the police. Another measure that can be taken is to put a notice to make others realise that you have lost something and where they have to return it in case they find it.

  1. What can people do to avoid losing their stuff?

We all are well aware that we have to be careful when we don’t want to lose something but it is better said than done. The documents should all be kept in a file and be carried in a bag if we do not want to lose them. The keys should always be in a key-chain the money should always be in a wallet in deep or safe pocket so that it doesn’t fall off. The last but not the least is keeping the things well organised at their proper place saves lot of time and squandering of money.