Describe an occasion when you received an incorrect information

  1. What was the incorrect information?
  2. When did it happen?
  3. Why did it happen?
  4. How you manage the situation?

• Sometimes, we get provided with incorrect information.
• Although such instances are rare but they do cause a lot of trouble.
• I was also given an incorrect piece of information about a College where my cousin wanted to take
admission for the course of Hotel Management.
• It was last year that she was planning to take admission after her class 12 results.
• We googled all the possible colleges which offered the course and finally decided on a institute in
• The website had given a lot of incorrect information about the college.
• Sadly, all of it was mere claims and when we actually went there to see the college, nothing from the
claims came about to be real.
• Although the hotel that ran the college was good but the actual college which we went there for was
nothing but a two-room college being run in the backyard of the hotel.
• We all were shocked to see the so-called college which was shown as something big and elaborate
on the website but was actually lesser than a primary village school.
• Immediately, to manage the situation, we decided to cancel our admission plans there and re-planned
for my cousin’s admission.
• Later, she changed her mind and decided to pursue the course of Mass Communication.
• We got her admitted to a University near our city and she is doing very well there.