Describe an unusual vacation you had. - Kohli Star Image School

Describe an unusual vacation you had.

  1. You should say:
  2. What you did
  3. When and where you did it
  4. Who you did it with

And explain why you think it was interesting or unusual.
• Few months back while our visit to a friend’s hometown, all of a sudden a friend proposed to go inside
a nearby forest and have a holiday there.
• This was a plan proposed by Rohan (…say one of your friends name…) and 4 of our friends agreed to
be part of this trip.
• This was bit dangerous as people rarely go inside the forest and from the local people we had heard
different scary and wild stories about this jungle.
• Our main attraction was the abandoned house inside the jungle and we planned to stay there and
take photos of wild life and the abandoned house.
• We knew that my friend’s guardians won’t permit us to do that and hence we planned not to let them
know about it upfront.
• On a Thursday morning we left the friend’s house and bought the necessary ingredients, vegetables,
foods and other things that would be required for us for the stay.
• We entered inside the jungle and to our surprise the inside was much more open and beautiful than
we thought it would be.
• With some difficulty we reached near the abandoned house and spent few hours there.
• This was a very exciting and unusual experience for us.
• We collected some wood and made arrangements for cooking.
• We ate the food we cooked and it was horrible in taste.
• However, we were looking for adventure and interesting stuff, so the bad food did not kill our spirit.
• We could not enter the abandoned house, as it was locked and very fragile. We took several photos
of the place and we noticed that some of the wild animals were observing us with suspicion.
• I have to confess that it was a bit dangerous and imprudent thing to do but we enjoyed our interesting
and unusual holiday inside a forest.