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Describe one of your grandparent’s jobs

○ What it was?
○ How long he or she had this job?
○ How he or she got the job?
○ Whether you would like to have this job?

● Most young people are very close to their grandparents.
● Our grandparents pamper us with their unconditional love.
● They always have a lot of stories to share about the challenges they faced as youngsters.
● My grandfather was born in Lahore in the year 1925 which now falls in Pakistan
● He was married at the age of 12 and started working as a farmer at the age of 16.
● He was very gifted and innovative in his work. He changed the crops every year and made
his own organic fertilizer.
● By the age of 20, he was able to double his land holding and employ others to work in his
● When the partition between India and Pakistan took place, he had to leave all his land
behind and move to Phagwara with his family.
● This was very difficult for him since he had no land, and only knew farming as a source of
● He started by working in somebody else’s field as a farm hand, and with his unrelenting
hard work and honesty, he was able to acquire land and send all his children to college
● When my father completed his Bachelors in Agriculture and joined my grandfather, he
inherited 250 hectares of land and 200 cows.
● Today, i have joined the family business. Most of our land is now rented to other farmers.
● However, my grandfather still works as a farmer by caring for our kitchen garden and
always reminds me of the value of doing things with our own hands.
● He is 93 years old and is a source of inspiration for everyone.