Describe something that you brought home from a tourist place

  1. What is it
  2. When did you buy it
  3. From where did you buy it

• There are many things that I have bought from tourist places
• Here I would like to talk about a wooden candle stand which I bought from Shimla last year
• I went to Shimla with my friends on a school trip
• It is a very beautiful place to visit
• We stayed at hotel Mountain View
• In the evening we went shopping
• Actually there is a very popular market called Lakkar Bazaar over there.
• I purchased key chains with carved wooden alphabets as souvenirs for all my family members
• But one special thing I bought was a candle stand.
• It has lots of carvings in it
• It is in natural wooden colour.
• It is the main centrepiece of our living room table.
• We have put up a coloured candle on it.
• Everyone who comes to our house compliments it.
• I feel very proud then
• It also keeps the memories of my Shimla trip alive.
• Most of my friends are now in Canada for their higher education.
• So, this candle stand is the thing I brought home from a tourist place.