Describe your favorite clothes - Kohli Star Image School

Describe your favorite clothes

  • • What is it like
    • Who gave it to you
    • When you wear it
    • Explain how you feel about it

• Everyone loves fashion nowadays. Even I also like to try new outfits everyday and especially on the
functions or special occasions
• I have got a huge collection of different dresses and suits in my cupboard.
• Here, I would like to talk about a traditional suit, which my maternal gave me as a gift on my
• It is a bottle green suit with magenta and golden embroidery
• It also has a multi-colored stole to go with it which had a golden lace on all sides
• It is studded with golden beads
• It has a very traditional ethnic touch to it
• It is a very beautiful suit
• The stole is in crinkled silk
• She gave me matching accessories also
• She gave me a golden beaded purse to go with it.
• Whenever I wear the suit, I wear my traditional Punjabi shoes, which match perfectly with the
• When I wear that suit everyone compliments me
• I feel very good when I receive those compliments.
• Actually, my aunt runs her hobby classes of cooking in Chandigarh. I stayed with her during my
vacations and helped her.
• She could accommodate more number of students because of my help.
• She offered me money, but I refused because I had not helped her for money.
• So she bought this expensive suit for me on my birthday.
• I really like the suit and have worn it on many occasions.
• Last time, I wore this suit at my college farewell.