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ELTS Speaking Part 2 & 3 Sample – Topic: Describe a popular comic actor /actress you know

Describe a popular comic actor /actress you know

You should say:

Who he/she is

How you knew him/her

What comedies have he/she performed

And explain why he/she is popular

Band 6,5 Answer by IELTS test taker

Well, the popular comic actor I want to talk about today is Jim Parsons. He is a famous American actor, known for playing Sheldon Cooper in the sitcom ‘The Big Bang Theory’. He has received several awards for his performance, including four Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. Apart from the ‘Big Bang Theory’, Jim Parson has also achieved great performance in many other comedies, including the ‘Family Guy’ and so on. Generally speaking, Jim Parsons is a very popular comic actor around the world, and many people, especially the young students are deeply attracted by his performance.

The reason why he is popular is that the role he played in the comedy is so funny that people may fall in love with it at the first sight. Here, I would like to take the role he played in the ‘Big Bang Theory’ for an example. In this comedy, Jim Parson has performed a genius with high IQ, but extremely low EQ vividly. As soon as I see his funny facial expressions and interesting behaviors in the comedy, I cannot stop laughing. As for the audience, especially the young university students, they like watching his comedies during the free time, since it can help them alleviate the heavy daily pressure. So, that is why Jim Parsons is so popular.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 

1) Should actors be paid more?

Well, I think the actors should be paid more, what I want to mention firstly is that the actor is a hard work. Generally speaking, the actors need to overcome many difficulties if they want to be successful, for example, some actors need to wear the clothes in summer during the winter, since the director wants to shoot the scene in summer. Secondly, the actor is also a dangerous job. For example, in an action film, the actor always needs to do some dangerous acts, like hanging the wire works, and so on. Since the actor is a dangerous and hard work, I suppose that the actors should be paid more.

2) What influences do actors or actresses have on young people?

Well, there are many influences. What I want to mention firstly is that the actors may influence the young people’s behaviors. To be honest, every young student has his or her idol, in which case, the young people are always eager to know more about the idols’ lives in detail and will always learn from their idols. Here, I would like to take myself as an example. When I was young, my idol was Jay Chou. At that time, he always donated money to help the people in need, so I regarded him as my example, and I also saved my pocket money and donated the money to help others in need. Secondly, the actors will also influence the young people’s spiritual world. Here, I would like to take a favorite TV host named Ou Di for an example, he had suffered from lot of difficulties before becoming famous, so he always uses his own stories to encourage the young people to face the challenges with strong determination. So, I think the actors will influence the young people’^ behaviors and spiritual worlds.

3) Are there many people in your country who want to work as an actor?

Well, I think not a lot. What I want to mention firstly is that it is very difficult to become a famous actor. Honestly speaking, thousands of young students will graduate from the film school every year, but only a few of them will become famous. So, becoming a famous actor is extremely difficult. Secondly, the actor does not have his own privacy. Nowadays, many people are interested in the private life of the actors and they are eager to dig in the privacy in detail. So, the actor has to live under the spotlight all year long. In this case, I feel that many people do not want to work as an actor.

4) Who are more popular, TV stars or movie stars?

Well, I think the TV stars are more popular. What I want to mention firstly is that the TV star can always appear on the screen. In most of the cases, people like watching TV with their families in the evening. If they are following a certain TV series, they will always watch the same TV star over and over again during a certain period of time, and they will easily remember the star’s face. Secondly, I think the TV stars look better than the movie stars. For most of the TV series directors, they will always invite the handsome actors and beautiful actresses to shoot the series, since the appearance of the actor can guarantee the audience rating. In this case, I think the TV stars are more popular.


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