English as a Language – Small steps on speaking

English language is the third language that’s spoken widely around the world. Any corner of the world you go, English is the main medium of communication which marks the importance of fluency in English communication. English is considered to be an official language of business and commerce around the world.

Most of the abroad companies have approved communicating in English as it is the most effective mode of communication that promotes access to global commerce and trade.

The most significant factor to improve fluency is because the more you are fluent the more you can communicate to people. In a business point of view, negotiation has a strong influence on fluency because the better fluency, the easier to negotiate.

If you are a person with so many thoughts in your mind but you fear to open up just because your language is not fluent or you feel that people usually does not get the essence of your ideas, then it’s time to develop the skill of articulation to excel in anything that you do. Lacking fluency or stammering amidst people while trying to communicate might hit your confidence level. Why give it a chance? Why not rectify and focus on areas where you need to improve? Then give it a try.

Process the words in your head before you add life to your words with your sound. It’s always best to think before you speak anything and frame sentences before you convey it to your listeners.

Use filler phrases. Filler phrases are saviors when you are trying to frame sentences in your head. The usage of these phrases gives you the space that you need to give your next idea. Some phrases such as “Give me a minute to think…,” “What I’m trying to convey here is…,” can be used to fill in gaps.

Be a good listener. You could definitely learn a lot when you’re a good listener. Listen to how the speaker connects each sentence and also to their pronunciation. Your command over the language will improve with even the tiniest of the steps you take.

Learn from your mistakes. No one can ever be perfect. If you’re expecting someone to say “perfecto!” each time you give them a live speech then you have to learn from your own mistakes.

You’re a movie person or the one who loves songs? Then why not watch movies of all genres or listen to your favorite English songs? Listen to songs and sing along. Doesn’t matter if you’re an awful singer but singing along actually helps you relax. Start imitating movie dialogues the slang and the articulation of each words. This helps you learn better.

Practice. “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” – Aristotle.  You will learn as you practice than just learning even without practicing it. So practice speaking every day.

There’s nothing in this world that cannot be learnt if you have the interest to learn and succeed.  With dedication and utmost willingness to learn, you can conquer anything you dream about.

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