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Everything You Need To Know About Canada Visa

Canada is a leading country in immigration and tourism. Each year millions of visitors come to Canada for vacation, education, etc. However, you will require an approved visa to enter the country. Except for US citizens, the visa is mandatory for every tourist and immigrant. If you are planning a trip to Canada, you should be well aware of the procedure of procuring a visa.

In this article, we will be giving you a detailed description of the different kinds of visas and how to apply them. So, continue reading to get all the information quickly.

The available visa options

You can visit Canada to serve a variety of purposes like work, study, travel, settlement, etc. So, here we mention some common types of visa granted to the visitors-

  1. Visa for the visitors

In 2018, Canada made a world record by welcoming 21.13 million visitors. And if you want to visit Canada like these people, you will need a visitor visa. The duration of these visas can range from 6 months to 3 years depending on the program. But this visa doesn’t allow you to do a job in Canada. It is meant for the people who are planning a temporary vacation in this beautiful country.

  1. Study permits

This is a special visa for the students who want to study in Canadian institutes. The visa is granted for courses of 6 months or more. It remains valid for an additional 90 days after the course is completed. The best thing is that it allows the student to pursue a part-time job alongside study. The rule is that you can work 20 hours per week while studying. You can extend the work time to 40 hours per week during the holidays. To get a study permit in your name, you will first need a letter of acceptance from your future Canadian institution.

  1. Work permit

This type of visa is granted to individuals who wish to work in Canada for a better salary package and career prospects. The validity of this visa is 1 to 3 years. Some programs may ask for a job offer to approve the work permit.

  1. Permanent Resident Visa

Some people want to get settled in Canada with their family members. And this visa is for them. The visa allows you to stay in Canada and work anywhere in the country to make a living.

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  1. Visa for permanent citizenship

This visa is for the people who are already the permanent residents of Canada. By taking permanent citizenship, they will have no restrictions over them on residential matters. Due to plenty of opportunities and a high-quality lifestyle in Canada, many foreigners are getting converted as citizens of Canada.

Now that you got informed about the types of visas available. Let us move to the process of applying for a Canada Visa.

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Step 1: Checking your eligibility for a visa

The first step to obtaining a visa is to decide which visa to apply for. As discussed in the article, there are separate visas for different purposes. So, choose yours wisely.

In current times, you will have to apply for the visa through online mode And the Canadian government has its official website dedicated to visa applications. It offers you tests and questionnaires to check whether you are eligible to apply or not. So, you just have to open the official website and fill in your information to see the results. Once you’re marked as eligible by the test you will receive a reference code. Save it for future use. If you are not eligible for a specific visa, the suggestion will pop up to apply for another type of visa.

Step 2- Open your account and start applying.

To start the visa application process, you need to create an account and login to it. Here you will require the reference code that appeared during the first step. After you initiate the application procedure, a list of required documents will appear on your screen.

Here is the list of all the necessary documents

  • Photocopy of your valid passport
  • Photographs for the visa in accordance with the rules
  • Proof of your financial status- Bank statements, income certificate, all types of evidence to prove that you have sufficient funds to survive in Canada.
  • Documents to support the fact that you will return home after a duration ( if you are applying for a temporary visa) – Employment details, property documents, ties with family members.
  • Identity proofs like birth certificate, driving license, aadhar card, etc.
  • Police clearance which states that you don’t have any criminal records or connections with terrorists.
  • Medical examination report indicating your current health status.
  • Appointment letter/ letter of acceptance/ invitation from family specifying your purpose of traveling to Canada.
  • Proof that fees for visa applications have been paid.

Canada Visa Consultant In Punjab Moga Study Visa Consultant Kohli Star Image SchoolMake sure that you gather all these documents prior to applying. Submit the photocopy of all the documents. Then at the end pay the fees through online banking. This finishes your application.

If you are not satisfied with the online format, there is another option. You just have to contact your nearest Canadian embassy and handover them the hardcopy of the application form, documents.

Step 3- Regularly check for any updates in your account

As you have submitted your application now, it will take a few weeks or longer to get processed. The embassy may invite you for an interview. You will be updated about your application status through the account. Keep checking the official website for any messages and notifications. Be prepared to visit the officials in person. They will give the final approval to your visa.

After following these 3 steps, you will get your visa to fly to Canada. To make the procedures fast, ensure that you have original copies of all the required documents with you. Fill up the application correctly. Prepare for the interviews according to the visa you have applied. You have to prove that you are worthy and have a genuine reason to acquire the visa.

So, we hope this article solved all your questions. Follow the steps given to receive your visa and travel to Canada!

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