Grammar-the most important part of learning the English language

Grammar is the most important part of learning the English language.  It’s vital to learn grammar because it increases comprehension and also enhances the command over the language. The words and word groups are made up by grammar in almost every language. Grammar is the core of any language and being able to use grammar widens one’s vocabulary. It is there in everyone’s life and it’s used everywhere such as at home, school, and at work. Grammar is like a game and some who are comfortable and can understand grammar easily can learn whereas some find it difficult to comprehend tenses, clauses, sentences, and so on.

Here are a few ways that are effective to improve your English grammar.

Be committed. Learning language and especially learning English grammar needs a lot of motivation so if you had made up your mind to learn grammar, make sure to stick to it until the very end.

Make use of a grammar app. Almost everyone owns a smartphone in this century so make the utmost use of it. Download grammar apps and dictionary apps to guide you and improve your knowledge.

Own a grammar book. Keep a grammar book handy as this will enable you to revise grammar after class and will remind you to learn grammar as often as you can.

Learn new words. Keep a notebook and jot down each new word that you learn. You might come across new words everyday and everywhere so when you keep a record of all the new words that you’ve learned, you can use them again. You can also set a target for yourself to learn and use at least 10 to 20 new words each day.

Read a lot. This is one important step that you have to practice to get good at grammar because reading helps you understand how grammar works. Pick a book that you’re interested in and start reading it everyday. Don’t limit yourself to just reading books but you can also pick magazines, novels, or articles that match your level of English. Reading will help you understand
the tone of the writer and how they deal with grammar. Whenever you find something different, try learning that and improving your knowledge.

Try and communicate in English. Speak in English as much as possible because the more you spend time practicing your conversational English, the better you would start understanding grammar rules such as verbs, tenses, pronouns, and so on.

Watch English movies or series. Watching your favourite genre movie is fun right. Why not learn while having fun. Select your favourite genre movies or series and watch them. Pay attention to the usage of language,tenses, subjects, and verbs because these are the areas people usually mess up.

Write more in English. Writing involves English grammar so start writing in English. The best way to start writing is by posting statuses’ on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Leave comments or reply in English instead of using your mother tongue. These tiny steps can be effective in improving your language.

Understand the logic behind the grammar rule. Grammar rules always come with a logic behind it. Note down all the rules and understand the logic behind because once you understand the reason and the logic, you’ll never tend to make that mistake again.

Practice everyday. There’s a cliché that says, “practice makes a man perfect” and that’s so true. Try solving as many exercises as possible as those exercises will encourage you to use correct grammar. Mastery of grammar language also involves acquiring five critical skills such as (reading, thinking, listening, speaking, and writing) so make sure to find every opportunity in your daily activity to practice these skills.

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