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Historical period you want to know more about

○ What period do you want to know about
○ Why do you want to know about it
○ How do you think you can know about it

● History has never been my favorite subject
● But there are some periods of history, which have always fascinated me, and I would like to know more
about them
● One such period is the Indus Valley period
● I recently saw the movie MohenjoDaro, which tells about the way people, lived during those days.
● First time I learnt about the period from my history book at school. My school also organized a trip to
National Museum, New Delhi where there are many seals and pots from that period.
● I also saw the plans of the Indus Valley Architecture.
● Indus Valley people were very ahead of their times. They lived in cities with walls, in a time period which
dates back to 2600-1900 BC.
● Many buildings like baths, bead factories , granaries have been excavated at their ruins.
● An interesting thing about the Indus valley people was they lived in burnt brick houses like today.
● The streets met each other at right angles. There were drains, which could be cleaned.
● Also there were no places of worship, people worshipped nature elements like air, water.
● There are still many mysteries about this period that still need to be resolved.
● There script has not been deciphered as of yet.
● There is a mystery regarding the decline of the civilization.
● Some scholars say that there was a massive earthquake.
● Others say that outsiders attacked them.
● Still others say that they died because they has prolonged droughts and famine because of
● Sometimes I dream of going back to the past and uncovering all these hidden mysteries.
● So this is the period of history I would like to know more about.