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Skills That Will Be in Hot Demand During Coronavirus Recovery

Hot Skills Students Needs To Focus After Covid-19

Every passing year our world is witnessing major breakthroughs in science and technology. These advancements have a direct effect on the global job market and economy. For example, with the intervention of AI in every sector, the value of manual labour went down. Hence the degree of development of a sector determines the demand for jobs.

Talking about global jobs in 2021 and beyond, we will see a surge in jobs for data analysts. The demand for mathematical and computer experts will also increase. Global recruiters will be looking for talented sales managers and HR specialists. Product designers and govt relation experts will be in high demand. These are the jobs requiring a specific skill set like creativity, critical thinking and communication skills.

So, Indian students must have these qualities to bag these global job opportunities. On the contrary, the Indian education system does not have a system to teach such important skills to the students. Always remember that your competition is at a global level. There will be a lot of talented candidates in the race. You have to display the finest of skills and knowledge to get selected by international companies.

In this article, we will be discussing all the mandatory skills to survive in the global job market. Those skills will be assessed in the interviews. These abilities will also aid you in the workplace. They will make your work-life simpler and guide you to success.


  1. Competency in solving complex problems-

This is a crucial skill if you are opting for an engineering or computational job. The companies will except you to solve the most intricate problems quickly. This skill is needed for other sectors as well. Because you will be thrown real life-based challenges. You will have to spot the cause of the trouble and shoot it using your intuition. The skill makes you capable of unfolding new problems and finding an alternative solution to them. To become a master in this skill, follow the given algorithm step by step-

  • Understand the scenario and locate where the problem lies exactly.
  • Have a detailed knowledge about the barriers.
  • Weigh the available solutions.
  • Execute a reliable plan of action.
  • Compare the results and see what positive changes you can make.

At the workplace, you will be facing a number of critical situations. For example, a quick problem-solving attitude will help you to resolve conflicts. You may face delays in completing some projects. Here intelligent problem-solving skills will become your saviour.

Hot Skills Students Needs To Focus After Covid-19

  1. Critical Thinking –

This skill encompasses applying logic and reasoning to analyse real-life situations. It will enable you to raise logical arguments during work. With aptness in reasoning, you can foresee the consequences of a plan. Using this power, you can efficiently organise the available information into categories. Critical thinking allows you to visualise the entire situation from a different angle. So, companies nowadays are adding more critical thinkers to their workforce. You can cultivate this quality very easily. You just have to be inquisitive about everything you encounter.

  1. Creativity-

Every innovation in technology is a child of creativity. So, creativity is what gives you an edge over others. Companies will highly prefer creative individuals as they have the ability to lead the company in a new direction. Being creative means that you are able to generate novel ideas by combining some jumbled thoughts. Creativity also affects the way you manage things in the workplace.

  1. Leadership and team management-

It is the most sought after quality while recruiting the leaders and managers of a company. Although the robots are fast and efficient, they can’t imitate the leadership qualities of a human perfectly. A leader is like the sole guide of time. His duty is to foster effective collaboration among fellow teammates. A leader should be phenomenal in his communication and working. Because the team members will look up to him for inspiration. A team leader has the power to motivate the team towards a common goal. He must resolve the arising conflicts. Moreover, he distributes tasks to the employees according to their abilities. As a result, the company achieves the targeted goal.

  1. Good coordination with colleagues –

It is more of a social skill than a company requirement. You need to mingle with your team members in the first place. This ensures that you never hesitate to share your own opinions with them. You should be well aware of the strength and weakness of your colleagues. Good coordination means you are flexible enough to adapt to a difficult situation. Even if your colleagues are of a widely different personality, you should stand shoulder by shoulder every time. This boosts the productivity of the company.

  1. Service Orientation –

This skill makes you loyal to the service you offer to the people. If you are a product designer, then you should pay heed to the needs of people. You have to show a special interest in the issues and demands of the public. Using this skill, you have to gauge the level of consumer satisfaction. You take notes of what your audience dislikes about your service. Combining this positive and negative feedback, you can modify your product. As a result, your aim will be fulfilled and business will flourish simultaneously.

Some other significant skills are emotional intelligence, powerful negotiation and cognitive flexibility. The interviewers will be setting different tasks and questionnaires to gauge your skill level. If you want to seize a global job opportunity then you have to pass in all these tests.

Hence, start preparing from today itself. Take care that you nurture these skills along with your studies. Technical expertise is a must. But, possessing such soft skills can take you to another level. The skill will increase your chances of being selected by a global corporation.

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  1. These days, learning soft skills has become imperative to be successful in life. Working on soft skills is more important than mere degrees. We must find our purpose and passion for life.

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