How to crack IELTS exam | IELTS Exam Preparation tips

How to Prepare for IELTS Exam | Tips to Crack IELTS

How to Crack IELTS 

International English Language Testing System is a top-notch exam conducted at a global level. The test allows international students to prove their mettle in English. Not only students but immigrants aiming to settle in European countries are also appearing in this exam. Because a good score in IELTS facilitates approval of visa and passport to foreign. Due to the gross popularity of the test, many world-class universities are accepting the scores of IELTS as a standard. But the irony is that even foreign students find the question paper hard to solve. So, you need to work smart and follow certain tips to ace the exam.

In this article, we have got you very valuable tips to score better in the IELTS exam. Keep on reading to learn about them!

Tips related to the IELTS exam hall

The day started well, gets spent well. Similarly, if you reach the test venue without any negativity, you can calmly take the exam. So, it is necessary to know about the rules and regulations of the test centers as well.

There are nearly 1200 test centers in 140 countries in the world. So, contact the nearby branch to apply for the exam. You are not allowed to take a phone, watch, calculator, paper, etc. to the hall. If the invigilator discovers any prohibited item with you, then you will be disqualified. You have to complete your test strictly within 2 hours and 55 minutes. IELTS test measures your capacity to listen, speak, write, and read English all in one go. So, the smooth running exam is divided into 4 sections. Before starting each portion, your instructor will notify you. And yes, the test takers have the freedom to conduct the oral test separately after a few days. Keep these things in mind and reach the exam hall on time.

Now note down the advice for appearing in each section.


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  1. Listening Assessment

You will be listening to conversations or speeches in fluent English. You have to comprehend the communication and answer the questions. The answers are concise and are hidden in audio. They often come in a series. For example, the answer to the first question will be at the start of the audio. The 2nd and 3rd answers come one by one as the audio continues. So, your sharp focus will be determining the scores. It is highly recommended that you train your mind to avoid distractions and focus on the audio at preparation time. The audio will not be played for a second time. So, be prepared to not miss a single pronunciation. As soon as you get the questions, read them, and analyze them in your mind. Many questions are true-false type. So, write as TRUE and FALSE in capital letters. Mark, you answer when the audio is played. You will be provided only 10 minutes to transfer the responses to the official answer sheet. Write the answers in perfect sequence. To game up your preparation, males a habit of listening to English news channels and movies.

  1. Writing assessment

Write the paragraphs in legible handwriting. Make the least number of grammar and punctuation mistakes. Never use one-word several times. It makes your essay boring. So, have a rich vocabulary. Learn ten words to substitute for one word. Have a connection between the adjacent sentences. The idea should have a recognizable flow. In the end, don’t forget to give a supporting conclusion. Stick to the word limit. Give appropriate time to task 1 and task 2. The skill of writing lengthy paragraphs in a short span of time requires regular practice. So, make sure you never miss the mock tests. Practice the questions of previous years. Take the help of standard resources to figure out the possible essay topics. Keep in mind the outline or format of essays, job applications, and other writing skills. The tone of your writings should be very formal.

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  1. Reading assessment

This section demands you to find out the correct answers from long texts and poems. Many students waste time in reading the excerpts word by word. But this is not the right strategy. You should approach the paragraphs through the question. First, read the question and try to locate the answer. Stay clear from grammatical errors.

  1. Speaking test

This exam is very similar to an interview. In the beginning, you have to give your introduction. Then the examiner will give you a general topic and you have to elaborate on it. Our pro tip for this is that never give a short or one-line answer. Display your spoken English and try to thoroughly describe your idea. You will have to answer the questions spontaneously. So, better get a knack of the possible questions given in the study materials of Cambridge and the UK council. Or you can go for mock interviews too to get a real experience. You will gain the confidence to face the actual exam. Confidence is the best attire. So, value fluency over everything. Don’t let nervousness overpower you.  Be calm if you utter a wrong sentence. It happens with everyone. No need to panic. Don’t let the beginning spoil the whole interview. Excuse yourself and go ahead. Talk in a moderate voice which is audible to the examiner. Practice speaking English with your friends and family members. Talk to yourself and think in English. This is an effective way to practice.

So, this was a collection of beneficial tips for your upcoming IELTS exam. Set a specific band score as your target and strive for it. It will be helpful if you achieve points higher than 7.5. Higher scores entitle you to better perks. Persistent efforts are the key to excellence. So, begin from today itself and put one step forward to your dreams.

Tips to crack IELTS Exam

Listen to Audio Clips

A very good tip to crack IELTS is to listen to various audio clips online. You need to be familiar with the different accents and tones. Listen to BBC news reports, interviews, commercials will make you well-versed.

Speak to Someone Fluent in English

It is an excellent idea for you to speak to someone fluent in English, rather than just practice by yourself. Speaking in English every day with your friends and family will help you build confidence and make you comfortable with the language.

Tackle Each Section Individually

As stated, there are different sections in the test. Do not cram in all the studying in a single session. Devote about two days to each section. Begin with the reading section. Go over passages and answer the adjacent questions. Do this for the first couple of days. Keep aside the next two days for listening. Most people find this section quite challenging especially because of the difference in accent. Listen to various audio clips and get thorough with this section.

Identify Reading Techniques

Anyone who has successfully cracked the IELTS exam will always tell you that reading techniques help you pass this section. The main technique is to learn how to skim and scan the passage without reading every single word.

Understand the Structure

Understanding of structure and pattern of every exam plays a prominent role. IELTS has 4 sections that include reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Go over mock test papers to understand the type of questions asked. If you are familiar with the pattern, you will be able to tackle the questions more confidently when you take the IELTS exam yourself.

Take Mock Tests

Many websites offer free mock IELTS tests which can help you crack IELTS easily. You can also get books that contain mock test papers. Get your hands on as many mock tests as possible and keep taking them.

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