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How to Slay IELTS Reading Test

Do you think clearing the IELTS reading test is way too out of your league? Is so, No it’s not. There’s a way out of everything and there’s a way to get you through this as well. So don’t worry too much by just questioning your ability but take more time about focusing on how to slay it. One important fact about the reading tests is that you have to work vigorously and reading does require a lot of concentration.


Tips to Help You Score High on IELTS Reading

Make sure to use your time to your advantage

Try to fill the answer sheet as you go because a lot of test-takers try to fill the booklet first and then transfer the answers to the answer sheet. One advice, Please don’t do it as you’ll waste a lot of time on that so fill your answers directly in your answer sheet.

You find a question difficult? Leave it to the end because if you spend a lot of time thinking to answer difficult questions, you might not be able to answer the easy questions so if you find a question difficult to answer, then move to the easier ones, you’ll save time.

Practicing lots of reading tests is the best way to utilize your time before exams as you’ll analyze yourself and find your strengths and weaknesses.


Read the instructions and tasks carefully

You might be in a hurry to start answering as soon as you read the first line but do not do it as there are questions that might be tricky and reading them thoroughly is very important.

True or false task. In such types of tasks, the question might appear true and part of them might be false so read them well and then answer it.

Matching tasks. You might tend to cross out the options that you’ve used but it’s good if you don’t do it. Try reconsidering those options to find a better fit for other questions.

Gap filling tasks. Never go over the word limit for each gap.


Improve yourself in scanning

Scanning allows you to read the information without reading the text word by word. This method saves time and helps you understand only the main ideas of the text.


Don’t take vocabulary too serious

You know that this is not a vocabulary test so be cool and don’t panic if you come across unknown words as this is a reading test. All you have to focus on is about your reading speed and just the overall ideas of the text.


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