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Public Speaking Training In Punjab

How To Train Yourself To Become A Public Speaker

Public speaking holds supreme importance in various spheres of society. From students to office personnel all have to confront public speaking at some point in their lives. Not everyone has a knack of it. Speaking in own mother tongue is a gruesome task for many people. Then think about how difficult it can be to speak in English before the public! You will always meet some people who are very good writers but failing miserably while uttering a few sentences. That is why you need good training in spoken English to become a fluent orator. Possessing the skill can even unlock better career opportunities. If you are walking in for interviews, you can make an everlasting impression on the interviewer by talking in unruffled spoken English.

Public speaking and spoken English are reasonably interlinked. To ace public speaking, you must be proficient enough to communicate in English. While your spoken English will be robust if you practice conversing in English with the public( your buddies and relatives).

To make your dream of public speaking come true, we are sharing some quick tips to polish your verbal English.

How can you acquire the skill Spoken English :


  1. Make your fundamental strong-

It is totally normal to be poor in English being a non-native. At the initial stages, start mending your grammar. Invest some time regularly in reading English novels and newspapers. Learn tenses. Write a daily diary. Be a consistent hard worker.

  1. Talk with yourself-

Now as you are familiar with the language, it is time for you to level up. At first, start thinking in English. Talk with your conscience. Convert your thoughts into English sentences.

  1. Watch English Visuals-

Genuinely, this is a great way to upgrade your vocabulary. You will get entertainment and seamless knowledge at the same time. Binge on English shows with subtitles and learn their accent. Watch English news channels like BBC to refine your skills.

Public Speaking Training In Punjab

  1. Learn new words-

Make it a habit to memorize at least 5 words a day. That will enrich your collection of words. Be active in quora and Reddit, these apps can improve your language impressively.

  1. Spoken English Apps-

With the advent of smartphones, learning has become much easier. There are some really valuable apps in the play store to teach you effective spoken English. They offer interaction sessions with strangers with whom you can talk in English. Productive use of such applications can make miracles.


By following these tips, you will definitely become habituated with spoken English. Now comes the time to utilize your new ability. Remember, public speaking is a lot more than just delivering a memorized speech.

Few points to keep in mind while speaking in public –

  • Flicker with confidence when you get on to the stage. Wear a smiling face and showcase an assertive gesture. Greet your audience and make them comfortable with your presence. Start with a brief introduction about your topic.
  • Keep some visual presentation to aid your message. People will become more attentive if they have some video to watch. You can prepare a PowerPoint slide show to support your points. That works well!
  • Weave a captivating story to send the message more effectively. The more intriguing your story is, the more successful you will be! People love to listen to tales.
  • Don’t do all the talking even if you are the main speaker. Interact with the audience and kick out their boredom by use of the pause, voice modulations or tell some relevant joke. Ask for their opinion amidst the oration.

Here are some pro advice to make your public speaking better-

  • Keep practising and rehearsing to grow fast- Start taking part in debate and speech events if you are in school or college. If you are a pass out, you can join English clubs and organisations like toastmasters. There you will be given a chance to speak on various topics in front of an active audience. They encourage your participation and help in overcoming glossophobia.
  • Learn common phrases people use while talking.
  • Groom your body language. Learn how to make eye contact.
  • Master breathing techniques to keep yourself relaxed on the stage.
  • Work on your standing posture, hand movements to look more appealing.
  • Listen to great orators and imitate their style and grace.


Nothing in the world is impossible if you are determined enough to outgrow the limits. English is just another language. It is easier to master than you think!