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How to write a perfect essay for IELTS writing exam

Though there are a lot of you who are still out there thinking about how well you could write an essay for task two and what could be included in the essay and how well it can be presented to the evaluator, then don’t worry. Here are some steps that you could follow to bring out the best. Practice a few of these steps and you will be able to reciprocate it in your exams which will eventually bring you a good score.

The general topics for task two will be regarding health, education, gender roles, and so on. So you’ll probably not be able to learn the best answer to fill in but can learn how you can give the best answer for any of the topics that are provided by them.

Step One: Introduction

An introduction is important to an essay and you can give a brief introduction by repeating the question. Repeating the question here doesn’t mean that you have to exactly repeat the question but you have to reciprocate the idea using synonyms. It should mean the same but in different words.

Once you have restated the question, you have to give your opinion about it. The main idea of the overview here is to give the examiner an idea of what is yet to come in your essay. Speaking of this, you needn’t spend too much time in thinking about your opinion because there’s no evaluation of your opinion here but it’s only about the level of English that you use. So start with your first instinct opinion and don’t overthink the same.

Step Two: Support your Opinion

Once you’ve given your opinion, try to back it up with some phrases such as “In my opinion,” “From my point of view,” “I am convinced that,”

Step Three: Look into the other side

The next paragraph of your essay should cover the opposite side of your viewpoint. This creates an impression that you have a balance in your writing which is a good sign. You might probably start the paragraph with phrases such as “However, there’s another side of the discussion,” “It can also be argued in this way,” “In contrast to this, some people hold the view that,”

Step Four: Summarize your opinion

The last step to finish your task two essay is to summarize your whole argument. The conclusion you give means that you highlighting your opinion again that you stated in the introduction. Try to use synonyms and not just copy your previous sentence because usage of different words will impress the examiner and will also prove to him that you have a great command over the English language.

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