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Kohli Star Image School – Best IELTS Institute in Moga

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We, at the Kohli Image School, aim to provide all aspirants of the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) with top-notch education and dedicated guidance. Our IELTS coaching institute in Moga functions on the principles of quality education and the highest ethical treatment of our students. Read more about our courses here.

IELTS is one of the first-in-class, internationally validated tests of your English acumen. The test is conducted jointly by the Cambridge Assessment English, The British Council, and IDP Education. This examination is used to accurately gauge your English speaking, listening, reading and writing capabilities. Most importantly, its results are accepted across most institutions globally, and this allows you to apply to the many different courses offered in highly acclaimed institutions all over the world.  Know more about the IELTS tests here.

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Kohli – best IELTS coaching center in Moga

The professionally curated courses at Kohli Star’s Moga IELTS institute are dedicated to preparing you for the competitive global market. Along with providing top-notch education and we also aim to help you develop the right attitude and sufficient aptitude towards succeeding at every endeavor in life. We pride ourselves on being the best IELTS center in Moga based on our multifaceted approach of providing services of Study Visa application, IELTS coaching, and Spoken English classes, all under the same roof.

Join us and let us take you on a picturesque journey to fulfill your ambition and potential. People, irrespective of their background and education, have certain dreams and ambitions that keep them up at night. We, at Kohli Star Image School, acknowledge these mammoth dreams and aim to enable our subscribers to realize their potential. We provide an extensive inventory of skills that will firmly establish you as a top professional in your field. Our Spoken English course will testify for your English proficiency at an international level, while our soft skills development course will help you adapt to and radiate confidence in every professional scenario. Our IELTS center in Moga will aid in your all-round development, and refine your behavior and personality to earn an upper hand in every step of your professional sphere.

Services Offers

The Best IELTS Coaching Center In Moga offers the following services


English has become the indisputable official language in the modern-day. The spoken English course offered by us focuses on refining the nuances related to sentence construction, pronunciation, and tone, as well as inducing confidence in the students to


Obtaining a Visa can be a tedious and complicated process. The Study visa department at our Moga IELTS center will help ease the process and help you obtain the Visa in an organized and efficient manner. Read more about the student visa process here.


Any person aspiring to obtain employment in the United States, Canada and so on needs to achieve a certain level of expertise concerning professional communication. Our personality development courses specialize in enhancing these mentioned


We pride ourselves on being the best IELTS institute in Moga, and our vision is backed by our IELTS coaching classes which focus on rigorous preparation and developing an extensive array of skills essential for all-round development. Read more about our coaching classes here.

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Why Choose Kohli for IELTS Preparation?

USP of our IELTS coaching in Moga

Students at our Moga IELTS center, Moga Punjab will be expertly guided by the incredibly talented Bhavdeep Kohli. Our esteemed faculty is internationally certified as a personality development trainer and an IELTS educator. Besides, he has also earned many national international awards to add to his impressive portfolio. Students can expect top-notch learning exercises and also the essential tips and tricks to ace the examinations in the first try. Bhavdeep Kohli has been crucially involved in the selection process of our faculty at the center for IELTS in Moga

A student can expect incredible dedication and versatility from all our faculty members, which culminates in a very enriching experience. All students studying at the IELTS coaching center in Moga avails of the following advantages.

  • Trained and experienced educators
  • First-in-class quality of education
  • Interactive learning environment
  • Study material optimized as per the latest IELTS
  • Unique and extensive training sessions for all different sections of the IELTS exam
  • Student and Visitor Visa counseling services
  • Online and offline mock tests

What More Does Kohli Has in Store?

Extra benefits at our IELTS center

We, at Kohli Star Image School, pride ourselves on being the top IELTS institute in Moga. This belief is firmly reinforced by our wholesome course. Our course was developed not only to prepare the pupils for achieving perfection in the competitive IELTS examination but also develops critical soft skills which would give them a strong foundation in the eternal rat race, in the current scenario. Our different modules are dedicated to improving one’s English diction, personality attributes, and professionalism. Careful guidance and top-notch exercises enable an efficient learning curve along which the student can monitor their progress and unlock their hidden potential with ease. 

best ielts institute in moga

Our keynote courses are the first step in adapting to a life abroad. We are much more than a business model and our ultimate aim is to provide a steadfast foundation for future generations. It is very common for young adults to feel stagnated and not know which sector to target for the future. We aspire to guide these youths in a proper direction and enable them to make correct life choices on their own. The skills garnered through our programs are crucial to not only one’s professional career but also one’s everyday life. At the IELTS coaching center in Moga, we hope to aid students in unlocking their true potential and develop soft skills that will stay with them for life. The additional courses will mainly focus on the following aspects.

  • Spoken English guidance to help you get a firm grasp of this universal language.
  • An extensive list of coaching classes, with courses extending from kindergarten (KG) to post-graduation (PG).
  • Study Visa counseling to aid students in developing a sustainable and lucrative career abroad
  • Visitor Visa counseling to help students get a taste of living conditions in other countries, and gather significant life experiences in the process.

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Most frequent questions and answers
  • The IELTS test scores are an essential part of the application procedure for aspiring students or professionals, who are looking to pursue higher studies abroad or are looking for employment in any organization abroad. This is mainly applicable for the countries of Australia, the USA, Canada, and the UK, but also valid in a host of other countries as well.

The IELTS test is used to accurately judge your proficiency in the English language. English is almost universally used as a language for formal and informal conversations. The IELTS examination will test you on your listening, reading, speaking and writing skills, and develop a score based on your grasp of the language. Our IELTS institute in Moga focuses on achieving perfection in all these sections.

There are two distinct types of IELTS tests. The first is the IELTS Academic test, which is specifically for those seeking higher education or a professional post abroad. The second is the IELTS General Training test is optimized for users who are seeking secondary education or work training courses abroad. Our IELTS coaching classes in Moga, focus on each test, as per the user’s specification.

The IELTS score is highly inclusive of people of all ethnicities and heritage. There is not cultural bias in the examination system, and different accents and mannerisms of speaking will not affect the overall score, as long as there is the essential ability to communicate with clarity and purpose.

The IELTS examination centers are abundant and are located all over the world. It is currently available in over 1600 locations worldwide, including over fifty centers in the United States. All of the centers have world-class testing facilities, as well as capabilities for conduction all different forms of the IELTS test.

The IELTS tests are conducted throughout the year and can be given as many times as one desires. However, there needs to be stipulated gap period between two consecutive attempts. As of now, there are forty-eight test dates in an academic year at every location.

Yes, if one desires, one can appear for the computer-based IELTS test, which will involve you going through a virtual booklet containing the questions and answers. There is also a paper-based IELTS test for those who are not comfortable with the computer-based option. Our IELTS classes in Moga provide mock tests for both these formats.

The speaking portion will involve, in most cases, the test-taker to go to a physical location and give an extempore in front of the judges. However, the IELTS committee is also experimenting with a high-definition video based speaking test.

The IELTS test juggles between the objective and subjective formats, with some tasks requiring you to give brief answers, while others may be objective, and require you to choose one answer among a few options. Objective questions are limited to the reading and listening portions mostly, while the writing portion tests both your vocabulary and essay-writing capabilities.

The IELTS score is calculated in the form of bands, which are assigned based on the expertise of the test-taker. The bands are numbered from 0 to 10, with 0 being the lowest skill level, and 10 being the highest skill level.  Any score above the 7.5 band mark is considered above average, for all purposes.

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