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SECTION 1       Questions 1–10
Questions 1–6
Complete the table below.



                                                             Cell Phone Packages


Type of Plans• Pre-paid
• 24-month contract plans
Prepaid Plans• 1 without ………………
SIM cards• 15 minutes of 2 ………………
Minimal Plan• $12
• 40 minutes
• 3 without ………………
Social Plan• $40
• 200 minutes
• 4 ………………
• 2GB data
5 ……… & ……… Plan• numbers, free talking and texting
• $70
• 3GB data
Changing Plans• at any time
• in person
• access the 6 ………………

Questions 7–10
Complete the sales form below.

                                                                     Sales Form

PlanSocial Plan
Phone Number047 – ………………
Customer Name8 ………………
Address375 Thompson 9 ………………
Total Payment$42.50
Payment Method10 ………………


1 handsets
2 local calls
3 internet access
4 500 / five hundred texts
5 Friends (&) Family / friends (&)family
6 website
7 8779233
8 Steven Conway
9 Avenue
10 credit card


WOMAN: Good morning. What can I help you with today?
MAN: Well, I’ve just moved here, and I need to get a new cell phone number.
WOMAN: OK, we’ve got both pre-paid plans and 24-month contract plans …
The woman says there are 24-month contract plans, so contract plans has been written in the space. Now we shall begin. You should answer the questions as you listen, because you will not hear the recording a second time. Listen carefully and answer questions 1 to 6.
WOMAN: Good morning. What can I help you with today?
MAN: Well, I’ve just moved here, and I need to get a new cell phone number.
WOMAN: OK, we’ve got both pre-paid plans and 24-month contract plans …
MAN: l’ll only be here for a year, so I think a pre-paid plan is better. Can you tell me something about those?
WOMAN: Of course. We’ve got a number of different plans, but first of all I should just mention that none of them come with handsets. You’ll just be buying a SIM card, and you can replace the one in your old phone.
MAN: Yes, that’s perfect. So, how much are the SIM cards?
WOMAN: Well the expense isn’t really in the card. To use it, you’ll need to set up a plan, and that can range from just over 10 dollars a month upwards. The card itself is just 2 dollars, and that gives you about 15 minutes of local calls.
MAN: Ok, I knew I’d need a new plan from you guys, but I don’t have much money at the moment. Can you tell me about the cheaper plans?
WOMAN: Yes. Our least expensive is the ‘Minimal Plan’ … it’s only 12 dollars a month.
MAN: That’s good …
WOMAN: … but it’s for someone who doesn’t use their phone very much. You only get 40 minutes a month of talking time.
MAN: Ah … how about internet access with that one?
WOMAN: No, sorry, that’s not included.
MAN: No, no, that plan’s not for me. I’ll definitely need to go online.
WOMAN: For browsing the net, or for things like Facebook and We Chat?
MAN: Mostly social media. It’s how I keep in touch with people back home.
WOMAN: Well, we do have what we call a Social Plan. That might really suit you. You get unlimited data on social media websites.
MAN: That sounds great. How much is that one?
WOMAN: That’s 40 dollars a month. But you get 200 minutes of talking time, 500 texts and 2 gigabytes of data, which is about 15 hours of watching videos, and thousands of photo uploads.
MAN: Well, I do upload lots of photos for my friends back home, so that’s fine. But I’m worried that I’ll need more texts than that. Do you have any plans with unlimited texting?
WOMAN: … Well, there is one other plan. On that one, you choose five people, or five phone numbers, and you can talk to or text them as much as you want. That’s called the Friends and Family Plan.
MAN: OK, that sounds like the one for me! What’s the catch?

WOMAN: Well it’s not exactly cheap. That plan costs 70 dollars a month, but it does come with 3 gigabytes and unlimited texts, as well as your 5 designated people.
MAN: That’s a bit too pricey for me, but I do like it. Can I choose a cheaper plan now and change after I find a job?
WOMAN: Yes, you can just come in and let us know whenever you like. It’s also possible to log into our website and manage your account yourself online.
Before you hear the rest of the conversation, you have some time to look at questions 7 to 10.
Now listen and answer questions 7 to 10.
MAN: OK. I think the social media plan is the best option for the time being.
WOMAN: Great, so we’ll set you up today. We’ll just fill in this sales form. Here’s your new SIM card. I’ll just need to record the number for you. Can you read me that number on the top left hand side of the card? It’s your new phone number.
MAN: Uh yes…it’s 0 – 4 –7 – 8 – double 7 – 9 – 2 – double 3.
WOMAN: Ok, I got it. So remember, that’s your new number, so you should write it down as well so you can inform your contacts. Hold onto this package that the SIM comes in. There’s information on that about how to contact us, you know, just in case your phone gets lost or something like that.
MAN: Oh yes, that’s important.
WOMAN: So, next I’ll need your name.
MAN: Sure. It’s Steven, that’s Steven with a v. And my surname is Conway. That’s C – O – N – W – A –Y.

WOMAN: Ok, that’s cool, and your address please?
MAN: Well, at the moment I’m living in temporary accommodation. Once I’ve found work, I’ll be moving to a different place. Do you think that matters?
WOMAN: Well, not really for now, but please let us know when you get a permanent address, OK?
MAN: Yes, fine. So I’ll just give you my current address for now, then. It’s 375 Thompson Avenue.
WOMAN: Is that spelled T-H-O-M-P-S-O-N?
MAN: Yes, that’s right. It’s in Greenpark.
WOMAN: Ah, yes. OK. So, the total for today is $42.50, that’s the SIM card and the first month’s plan.
MAN: So just to confirm, I’ll be able to get the SIM card today and start using it immediately?
WOMAN: Yep. You’ve got the SIM card already.
MAN: Oh … yeah, right, sorry! … Now, let me see if I have enough cash. Ten, twenty, thirty … No, it doesn’t look like I have enough. I guess I’ll have to put it on my credit card. Here you are.
WOMAN: No problem … Just a moment … So, just sign here, please. Now, do you want help putting the SIM card into your phone?


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