IELTS Speaking exam in Jalandhar – November 2018


What is your full name?

Can I see your ID?

Where are you from?

Where do you live now?

How long have you lived there?

Although during my childhood my family had to move a lot, I’ve lived in the most recent house for almost ten years. Comparing to the old houses, I think this house has been the best so far.

Who do you live with?

I live with my family. There are 5 of us and we all have our own room, which is way more comfortable as the older we grow, the more privacy we need for ourselves. I think our house is big enough for us yet still a warm and cozy place that I call home.

Do you plan to live there for a long time? 

The answer would be yes if the respondent is my parents, since moving in and out is too time-consuming and exhausting. Cleaning and arranging everything all over again would be like torture to them. For me, on the other hand, as I’m thinking of moving out to start my adult life, hopefully soon I’ll be able to afford to live in a flat or an apartment.

Do you like watch films?

Absolutely! They are an excellent way to unwind (relax; free your mind). Moreover, my friends are realt into films, so it’s a fun, relaxing way to spend time together. Afterwards, we discuss and debate the film that we have just watched. Apart from just relaxing and enjoying the film, I like to delve deeper (get to the deeper meaning) to discover the subliminal messages.

What kinds of movies do you like best?

Well, I would say I’m still a kid at heart (a person who still feels like a child in their heart), so I really enjoy watching kids’ movies. Although they seem simple and innocent, there are often many life lessons packed into these films. Moreover, I’m really into drama and historical movies. When I watch these, I feel that I can more deeply understand human emotions and re-live historical moments, like the Vietnam-America War or World War II.

How often do you watch films?

Well, I am quite a busy bee (a busy person), but I manage to see about one or two films a week at home. After a long day of studying, I love snuggling up (getting comfortable with blankets) on the sofa and watching a film to unwind. I tend to do this on Friday and Sunday evenings with my friends.

Do you like to watch movies alone or with your friends?

Both! On one hand, I find it extremely relaxing to chill out and fall asleep to a film by myself, but it’s also enjoyable to have company. So, all in all, I prefer films with friends, since they are also into film. Afterwards, we can discuss the meaning and carry on inside jokes (jokes among friends) from quotes from the film later on!

Would you like to be in a movie?

Not one bit! As I have stage fright (fear of being on stage), I would never have the guts (never be brave enough to)  to do it. Secondly, I feel awkward when I try to act and I have the memory of a goldfish (short memory) so I know I could never memorize my lines! All in all, acting is simply not my thing.

How often do you drink water?

Well, everyday of course! Staying hydrated is a priority for me since I easily get a headache if I don’t, not to mention my weight loss goals. Drinking enough water is critical for our health.

What kinds of water do you like to drink?

All different kinds; I’m not too picky (selective)! I either drink tap water that I put in a Brita filter or bottled water from time to time. I usually put water in my refillable water bottle and carry it around me with me all day.

Do you drink bottled water or water from water machines?

Bottled water. Since the water in my country is potable (drinkable), I usually opt for that with a filter to improve the flavor. If this isn’t available to me, I buy a bottle of water, although I prefer not to because of my environmental concerns.



Describe an activity you would do when you are alone in your free time

You should say:

  • What do you do
  • How often do you do it
  • Why do you like to do this activity?
  • How do you feel when you do it?

Band 9 sample 

I’m going to tell you about my love for reading. Ever since I was a child, I’ve always been more of the introverted type and have loved to have my face buried (expression for someone reading)  in a book. Since my parents often fought when I was a child, I felt that it was an escape from reality. Moreover, I am also really into writing and I think it’s impossible to be a great writer without reading. Through reading books, I can bask in (deeply enjoy; get lost in) the literary geniuses of the book and find inspiration for my own books in the future.

I read every single day. Actually, I can’t recall a single day in my life that I didn’t read. Sometimes I feel as if books are my entire life. Whether the book is my taste (preference) or not, the suspense always kills me (not knowing what will happen next is exciting)and I cannot stop flipping the pages to find out what happens next. However, duty calls (responsibilities call) and I must go to work at the boutique from 10-6 Monday-Friday, so I have to pull myself away from my books during that time. I usually get up around 7am and read a bit before work then come home, have dinner, and get lost in a book for the rest of the evening.

As I mentioned, books are a great escape for me as I feel my life is quite mundane (boring; uneventful). Moreover, I really find deep joy in  analyzing the literature, such as the character development, plot, archetypes, etc. I feel like my best self when I read; I feel I stretch my mind to new dimensions. Furthermore, reading sends me into a tranquil state. After a busy day at work, opening a book is the best way to unwind (relax). On another note, I feel quite exhausted conversing with others all day at work so I feel quite rejuvenated (fresh) when I’m finally at home in my den in my happy place.  Moreover, I feel that people who read have more interesting things to talk about so I often find myself in engaging (exciting) conversations with co-workers and customers at the boutique throughout the day. All in all, reading is everything to me.


Do you think people should only focus on work?

Do you think how much time we spend at work in a lifetime?

Should parents plan the children’s leisure time and activities?

Do you think the activities of the young generation are different from those of the older generation?


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