IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topic: Do You Like To Wear Hats & Sample Answers

1. Do you like wearing a hat?
Although hats help protect your hair and face from direct sunlight, I really don’t like wearing hats every day. After removing my hair my hair is always messed up. Instead of wearing a hat, I think I like to bring an umbrella with me.

2. What kind of hats do you have? / 3. Where do you like to buy hats?
As mentioned, wearing hats is definitely not my daily style, so I usually have a hat at home. The only type of hat that is especially fond of here is the baseball cap. You know, this type of hat can give me a sporty and strong look.

4. Are hats popular in your country?
Don’t go looking too far in my country where motorcycles are the most common mode of transportation, and you must wear a helmet whenever you ride a motorcycle for safety. I wonder how uncomfortable it can be for you to wear a hat under a helmet. Thus, in most cases, hats are for pedestrians and fashionistas.

Asked after (Ed) in the request; Generally required

A person walking instead of travelling in a pedestrian (N) vehicle

Fashionista (N) A person who dresses in fashion


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