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IELTS Speaking Part 2 & 3 Sample – Topic: Describe a website you like to visit

Describe a website you like to visit

You should say:

When you found it.

What it is about.

How often you visit it.

Why you like this website.

Band 7 Answer by IELTS test taker

Well, the website I want to talk about today is It is a free online encyclopedia that allows its user to edit almost any article. Wikipedia was launched in 2001 and was only in the English language initially, but it quickly developed similar versions in other languages. Generally speaking, people can check all kinds of information they want on this website.

I learned about this website when I was in junior school. At that time, the history teacher asked me to make a presentation about cloning. However, the related information on the textbook was kind of limited, so asked my classmates for advice. They recommended the to me and I found that I could find a lot of useful bilingual information on this website. Since then, I have become a big fan of the Wikipedia. Even till now, I always search for some useful information on this website and I use it almost everyday.

As for how this website helps me, well, I suppose that it is beneficial to my major study. As an university student, I always need to search for some information while preparing for my paper, during which I always need to find the accuratẹ definitions of some proper nouns on this website. In this case, I feel that this website really helps me a lot.


IELTS Speaking Part 3

1) What are some of the different reasons why people use the Internet?

Well, I think there are many reasons. As for the students, they need to use the Internet in order to search for some information related to their study. During the spare time, they also use the Internet to watch some TV series and play computer games. As for the white- collars, the Internet plays an indispensable role in their work. Every day, they will use the Internet to send the e-mails to their colleagues as well as their working partners. Moreover, they will also use Whatsapp in order to communicate with their friends and families. As for the old people, they will also use thẹ Internet in order to make their life colorful. Those people have already retired from the work, so they will use the internet to listen to the music and watch the films during the day time. All in all, I think the Internet is very important in people life.

2) Some people say that different age groups have different tastes on Internet contents. What do you think?

Yes, I think so. As for the young students, they like searching for some entertainment news and gossip about their favorite stars on the Internet. They will also search for some academic information related to their study on the Internet sometimes. As for the white-collars, they prefer to search for some economic news and the national policies which are directly related to their life on the Internet. As for the old people, they like searching for some information about how tọ keep healthy on the internet. In this case, I think different age groups have different tastes on Internet contents.

3) What influences can (or, does) the Internet have on children/teenagers?

Well, honestly speaking, as an old saying goes that: ‘Every coin has two sides’. I think the Internet has both the good influence as well as the bad influence on the children. As for the good influence, the Internet is beneficial to the children’s study. When the children meet with some difficulties on the study, they can type the key words on the search box on the Internet, and then they can find the useful information within a few seconds. However, as for the bad influence, violence and sex are very popular on the Internet. The children are too young to distinguish the right from wrong, so those unhealthy information on the Internet has a bad influence on the children’s growth.

4) Do you think parents should control what Internet sites their children visit on the Internet?

Yes, I think so. On the one hand, the parents should supervise their children, otherwise the children may be addicted to the Internet. Many children like surfing the Internet and playing the computer games, but most of them cannot control themselves. So, I think it is the parents’ obligation to tell the children about which website they can search and how long they can use the Internet, in this case, the children may not be addicted to the Internet. On the other hand, the violence and sex are very popular on the Internet. If the parents do not control what websites their children can visit, the childrer may browse those unhealthy websites or even imitate the contents on the websites, which is really harmful to the children’s growth. In this case, I believe that the parents should control what Internet websites their children can visit.

5)    What (kinds of) people don’t use the internet?

Well, I think two groups of people don’t use the Internet. What I want to mention firstly is the middle-aged people. For this group of people, they always need to take care of the children and do housework during the free time, so they seldom have time to use the Internet and do the things they want. The second group of people is the old people. Most of them have already retired from work and they do not want to learn about new things. In this case, they do not know how to type the words with the keyboard, how to open a webpage, and so on, so they do not always use the Internet.

6)    What are the disadvantages people suffer because they do not use the Internet?

Well, there are many disadvantages, what I want to mention firstly is that it is very difficult for them to keep pace with this time. Here I would like to take the news for an example. For those people who use the Internet, they can know what is happening around the world at any time they want. However, the people who do not use the computer can only know about the world news on the next day’s newspaper. Secondly, I think the life of the people who do not use the Internet is very inefficient. With the help of the Internet, people can communicate with their friends all over the world whenever and wherever they want, and it only takes people a few seconds to shop online. However, people who do not use the Internet will never enjoy those conveniences.


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