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IELTS Speaking Part 3 topic: Gift

Q. 1. What is the purpose of gift giving?
Answer:  People love giving gifts primarily because it is just “customary” to give gifts in order to celebrate on some occasions with her friends and families. However, on a deeper level, we give gifts because it helps to create a stronger bond between the gift recipients and the persons, offering the gifts, by showing their love and appreciation for each other’s valuable role and presence in their lives. Besides, a person exchanges gifts with somebody also because it provides a tremendous psychological boost to the recipient which, in turn, helps strengthen his/her resilience to cope with the adverse moments of life.

Q. 2. How has gift giving changed since your grandparents’ time? How?
Answer:  Yes, I would say that gift giving has changed since my grandparents’ time. Back in those days, people used to give gifts mostly on some special occasions, such as birthdays and wedding anniversaries, but today, one doesn’t really have to have an occasion for it. Besides, unlike in the past, people today expect “personalised” gifts with some kinds of thoughts behind them. Finally, today we can choose a lot more things as gift items which we didn’t have in the days of our grandparents.

Q. 3. How important is gift giving in a relationship?
Answer:  I think that it is absolutely important to exchange gifts in a relationship between partners because it would help cement and carry forward a healthy and loving relationship. Besides, exchanging gifts is not just a simple gesture of appreciation, but giving the right gifts at the right time also shows how much a person really cares for his/her partner or understands his or her partner. Finally, when a relationship goes through some troubling times, a well-thought gift can go a long way to repair the “damage” by bringing the partners closer to each other.

Q. 4. What is more important when it comes to giving a gift, cost or effort? Why?
Answer:  In my opinion, the effort is more important than the cost when it comes to giving a gift. For example, if a person chooses an expensive gift for his or her partner, but the partner doesn’t like it because it just doesn’t go with him/her styles or colour preferences, then the costly gift actually becomes “useless”. On the other hands, if a person gives a lot of thoughts and times in choosing a gift in order to make sure that he/she really understands what his/her partner likes or prefers, then the gift, no matter how “cheap” it is, would surely go a long way to impress the partner.

Q. 5. Do you think that people have become more materialistic when it comes to giving gifts, as compared to your grandparents’ time?
Answer:  Yes, I would certainly like to think that people have become more materialistic, when it comes to giving gifts, primarily because we are living in a very “materialistic” society. Besides, our culture has grown more commercial, where “gift giving” – expensive gifts that is, has turned into a booming industry. Finally, media these days also play a crucial role in fostering an “unrealistic” expectation among people to buy “perfect gifts” without necessarily understanding the idea of a “perfect gift”.

Q. 6. How has modern technology changed the nature of gift giving? How?
Answer:  Modern technology, like the internet, e-commerce and online shopping, has revolutionized the nature of gift giving by making it fast, affordable and convenient. In fact, we can choose the perfect gifts for our loved ones for any occasion, even if they live in another corner of the world, from the comfort of our homes on the internet and have them delivered to their doorsteps in hours, if not any quicker! The best thing about this modern technology is that we can actually get the opinions on the “gift ideas”, before actually buying them, from our friends and families almost instantly because we can send the ‘pictures’ to them through emails or messenger services. We can even send someone a gift card so that the recipient can choose his/her own gift from a collection of items.


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