IELTS Speaking Part 3 topic: Mobile Phones.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 topic: Mobile Phones.

1.  Which one do you use more often – a mobile phone or telephone? Why?
Answer: I mostly used a mobile phone because I can carry it with me all the time. I sometimes use a landline at home or at my office, but this is not that frequent. The main reason for my preference is that a mobile phone is absolutely mine, unlike a telephone which is shared by the whole family or the office staffs. Most of my friends and relatives own their personal cell phones and they prefer to call on a mobile phone as well. I can be reached at my cell phone 24/7 which is not possible through the landlines. The cell phone, moreover, offers the SMS facility that makes it more useful than the landline. Finally, the cell phone I own is an Android-powered smartphone which I can use to browse the internet, play games, chat with friends, install useful applications and the list goes on and on. For all these reasons, I use my mobile phone more often than the telephone.

2.  Are international phone calls expensive in your country?
Answer: Compared to the local phone calls, international calls are expensive. However, with the widespread use of the internet, people most of the time use online calling instead of international phone calls in my country. If I compare the cost of international phone calls between now and that with a decade ago, it was far more expensive in the past.

3.  What is the best way to keep in touch with friends abroad?
Answer: Well, social networking websites, online chatting and online video calls are convenient options to keep in touch with friends who lives in a different country. Mobile phones are also a handy tool for that. These means of communication are cheap and widely available. With the advancement of technology, our way of communicating with friends and relatives who are far away has changed drastically.

4.  What is the impact of the online-based chatting systems and social networking websites on the way we make friends and contact our friends?
Answer: The impacts of technology on the way we communicate and make friends have both advantages and drawbacks. To start, Online chatting and social networking websites have enabled us to keep in touch with friends and relatives more often than ever before. We can now make friends beyond boundaries and keep in touch with them whenever we want from wherever we are. For instance, Facebook has helped me find a few friends from my school after a decade later. Who knows, without the use of Facebook I could have never found them. Letting people know what I am up to, or getting updates of dear ones is only a mouse click away these days.

However, all these conveniences do not come without a cost. Technology-based communication systems like online chatting and social networking platforms are often attributed as the primary reason for our apathy to go outside, spend quality time with family, and meet our friends outdoor. It has created a generation that feels more comfortable staying in front of a computer screen than having fun outside or talking to their friends in person. Even worse, on a social networking platform, anybody can pretend to be someone he or she really isn’t.

5.  Which one do you prefer – SMS or voice call? Why?
Answer: Well, that’s an interesting question. I have always preferred sending and receiving SMS over the voice calls. However, people, these days tend to call more often than sending SMS. I believe cheap call rates could be a reason for that. So in a way, despite my preference for the SMS, I am forced to make calls.
However, when I need to send important information to someone, I always send an SMS. For instance, if I need to send someone my home address, I’ll never call and tell him, instead, I will send an SMS that contains the address.

6.  How dangerous it is for someone to use his cellphone while driving a car?
Answer: Using a cell phone while driving is a felony in our country. I am always against this heinous and senseless act. Personally, I never use a cell phone when I drive. I believe when someone uses a phone while driving takes a great risk. It is a well-known fact that human brains cannot concentrate on multiple tasks at a time. So, somebody should never use a mobile phone while driving as it puts his life as well as the pedestrians life at risk.


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