IELTS Speaking Part 3 topic: Nature

Q. What are the main environmental problems in your country?
Answer:  The main environmental problem, which my country is facing, is that my country is “overpopulated”, and as such, it is straining our rather limited resources. We also have terrible air pollution in our cities because of the excessive level of smokes from the industries and vehicles. Then, my country is also facing the “global warming” problem, because of which, one part of my country becomes extremely hot during the summertime. Finally, we also have bad water contamination in our lakes, rivers and oceans because of industrial and plastic wastes.

Q. Why should people be concerned about the environment?
Answer:  People should be very concerned about their natural environment because it is the environment which keeps them alive and healthy. Without protecting their natural environment, people won’t be able to breathe fresh air and drink fresh water. Besides, once the environment is damaged, plants and wildlife become negatively affected which will ultimately degrade our living on earth. And when that happens, the all-important bio-diversity on this earth is lost. Finally, if people fail to take care of their natural environment, the sea level will rise, because of global warming, and which mean that many low-lying countries would submerge under the sea.

Q. How can people protect the environment?
Answer:  People can protect their environment from their respective positions by becoming conscious about their natural environment and then by doing small things. For example, we can develop proper waste (any kind of waste) management systems so that they don’t contaminate our earth and waters indiscriminately. Besides, we can also try to live “economically” so that we don’t put too much pressure on our natural environment in order to use its “resources” for our luxury and comfort.

Q. Do you think money should be spent on protecting animals?
Answer:  In my opinion, everything, including spending money, should be done to protect animals. If we don’t do that, the chances are that we will lose many more other rare species of animals in addition to others, which we have already lost. The end result will be a very limited and weak bio-diversity to bring proper ecological balance on our planet.

Q. Do you think more should be done to protect naturally beautiful spots in your country?
Answer:  Yes, I think more should be done to protect the naturally beautiful spots, like sea beaches, lakes, mountains and forests, in my country. We will have to make sure that our natural sea beaches and lakes don’t become dirty and contaminated, not only because of tourists but also for protecting seafood. Special efforts should also be made to protect the mountains from becoming “residence” and “industrial sites”. Finally, our natural heritage forest sites should also be protected from unauthorized “deforestation” in order to protect our wildlife.

Q. What can a government do to encourage people not to harm the environment?
Answer:  To start, a government can take all the necessary steps to increase awareness, either by using different kinds of print and digital media or by introducing details school curricula on environmental protection, among its citizens so that they are encouraged to take care of their natural environment. Then, a government can also introduce stringent laws in order to punish its citizens who harm their environment willingly. Finally, a government can also introduce “award system” for those people who successfully keep the environment clean and safe in their own towns or places.


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