IELTS Speaking Part 3 topic: Role models

Q. 1. Which types of people become role models in your society?
Answer: Unfortunately, gone are those days when young people used to consider their fathers, teachers and medical doctors as their role models. Nowadays, it is mostly movie stars and famous sportspersons who become role models in my society. Some of us would even argue that anybody, with plenty of money, has a shot to becoming a role model in our society which is really unfortunate.

Q. 2. Do you agree that famous people have more responsibilities than ordinary people?
Answer: Yes, I do agree that famous people have more responsibilities than ordinary people because ordinary people look up to them for some kind of leadership roles in fixing some of their problems. And, that’s exactly why sometimes we see world-famous persons like Angelina Jolie (Hollywood actress) and David Beckham (British soccer superstar) acting as some special UN (United Nations) envoy and goodwill ambassador in order to raise awareness on different urgent issues that are affecting our world community negatively.

Q. 3. What happens when young people lack good role models?
Answer: If young people lack good role models, it is very possible that they are becoming very confused over time with what kinds of roles they should take in their families and societies. Besides, without strong and good role models, young people very easily become ‘prey’ to the “bad” elements of our society. As a result, our society will have to struggle with generations of young people devoid of any good morals and values who would bring no good except chaos, crimes and social unrest.

Q. 4. What standards of behaviour should teachers set?
Answer: We, more often than not, look upon the teachers for guidance since they are still some of the most valued and respected members of our society because of their tremendous contribution to building the nation. Therefore, it should be incumbent upon our teachers to set some good behaviour standards for others, as well as for themselves, by teaching discipline, good moral values, honesty, the value of hard works, and respect. With these behaviour standards, we can expect to build an ideal and functioning society where we will be able to live and co-exist happily with each other.

Q. 5. Do you agree that you should never meet your heroes?
Answer: I have never found a reason which would suggest that I should never meet my heroes. On the contrary, I have always believed in meeting my heroes since it would inspire me, even more, to become like the heroes I have always admired.

Q. 6. What benefits a famous person get that ordinary people cannot? 
Answer: A famous person gets plenty of benefits that ordinary people like us don’t. First, they get preferential treatments wherever they go. For example, if I and John Travolta (the famous Hollywood star) visit the same restaurant or a football stadium, one doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that the Hollywood movie star will get the best seats, best amenities and best treatment. Besides, when you become famous, you will become richer much quicker than ordinary people like us. So, your dreams of owning luxurious homes, cars, fancy gifts and expensive clothes become a reality. Finally, when you are famous, everybody recognizes you, and you usually have a huge number of fans and followers who would do pretty much anything just to get an autograph from you.


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